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Best of Random Thoughts: Vacation Day 4

  • The Jackie Murphree civil trial wrapped up this year, but I had forgotten how mangled her car was because of the accident.
  • Since I'm not around to entertain the world this week, do yourself a favor and read the award winning article called Still Life from Texas Monthly. If you don't cry, you're not human.
  • The "Eat In Tax" controversy at the local McDonald's.
  • Pics of the only Tea Party rally in Wise County (I think).
  • Loved this one: Trooper stuck in median.
  • "Gone": Man faints on Glenn Beck show.
  • Decatur Walmart gang killing hoax.
  • Grandma dancing at Spring Break.
  • Bridgeport fallen Officer Randy White's funeral. And my thoughts the day after his death.
  • If I chase a man and cut the distance I'm behind him by 1/2 every 10 seconds, will I ever catch him? My struggle with Zeno's Paradoxes.