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Best Of Random Thoughts: Vacation Day 5

  • Funny Dallas Morning News page.
  • I keep linking to this, but I'm fascinated with the 1993 AT&T "You Will" ads.
  • Bridgeport Country Grammar.
  • Future Mrs. Green Fail.
  • My half marathon post of 2009 where I got absolutely no credit for a very funny Curt-Schilling-Bloody-Sock joke.
  • My Pro-Socialism post.
  • I'm still stunned about the demographic make up of Texas schools.
  • My greatest effort at memory recall ever.
  • Bridgeport prank.
  • My 10 Days of The Master Cleanse that I will never do again.
I'll be home tomorrow unless I've been killed by a Jamaican drug lord. Or become one.