The Campaign For DA


Random Friday Morning Thoughts

  • The lady who was shot in East Dallas yesterday morning looks to be the victim of a "hit". It was crazy: Man comes out of no where after she drops her kid off for school and guns her down. She drove a BMW (if that matters), and her husband was killed in Mexico last year.
  • Somebody at the Messenger was up in the middle of the night to cover a wreck on 287 via photographs. They they even put it on the Update at 5:10 a.m. Has to be a coincidence. No one is getting out of bed to cover a generic wreck.
  • Regarding the guy who was sentenced yesterday to 8 years in prison for DWI: If we just separate him from alcohol then he's the same as you and me, right? Is the only way to accomplish that to put him in a cage?
  • I'm really liking the book Game Change. I had forgotten how far Obama trailed Hillary Clinton (by 33 pooints) in the early stages of the campaign.
  • Looks like the Muhammad Ali impersonating Lady Bear basketball player will be suspended for two games.
  • Irving is going to open the "red" parking lot to the public when Texas Stadium is imploded. I think I'll go. It comes down on April 13th.
  • I flip over to WBAP sometimes during the many commercial breaks from The Ticket in the morning. Have they retired the horribly unfunny character "Sam from Sales?"
  • I've never had an interest in American Idol. Don't we have enough generic pop singers in this world?
  • Did you know you'll be moving your clocks forward one hour next weekend? Doesn't that seem a little quick?
  • Heard this morning regarding the concept of prayer: "God is not Santa Claus."
  • The #1 Google image search yesterday was "Jesus Arm Wrestling With Satan?"
  • According to a story in the Star-Telegram today, every lake in the Trinity River Basin is full. Except Lake Bridgeport.
  • It's always bugged me that the sign before the bridge in Runaway Bay says, "Bridgeport Lake."