The Campaign For DA


I'm Still In Paradise (The Other One.)

  • Actual pic from this morning (and I wasn't holding the camera). Our group immediately began singing a song by Sir Mix Alot.
  • It's how cold in Wise County? Sheesh.
  • I dreamed last night that a Wise County Grand Jury was about to indict me for something I didn't do. That's right, I'm still being haunted. They no-billed me, by the way --- after 8 hours of deliberations (I'm losing it.)
  • I was in the strongest ocean current ever this morning. Just trying to stand in one place was impossible.
  • I just rode a bike down a dirt road to a wifi spot where I can post this.
  • I went "zip lining" this afternoon. Translated: You take a long beaten up road to the middle of the jungle and then get strapped into a harness and "zip" over 300 yards of cable to the next station (which is simply a platform 100 feet high in a tree.) Then you go to the next one and the next. Probably 15 stations in all. Absolutely incredible. At times, the ground seems miles below.
  • I woke up again this morning to the sound of howler monkeys.
  • If I see another toddler on the back of a motorized scooter I'm gonna ..... oh .....something.
  • My lunch consisted of some meat baked into bread. I have no idea.
  • I ate a homemade peanut butter cup. That wasn't healthy. I no longer cared.
  • Everything is so laid back. You rent a boogie board by going up and handing the guy some money. No forms to fill out. No liability waivers. No deposit. The transaction takes 5 seconds.
  • This is a bustling town with absolutely no jerks. No fights. No loud tables. And it's full of mostly young people.
  • Pearl Jam is on in the background of this place.
  • Now I'm off on a bike in this town which is no bigger than Boyd to try and find The Evil Empire meet its demise. Even down here, I have my priorities.