The Campaign For DA


Quick Update

  • I went on a "jungle hike" today in some place named "Manzillo". There were only four people in the group. The other two were from Italy.
  • The female Italian had a T-shirt on with the dog from "The Family Guy" on it.
  • I've had a howler monkey on my head. Not sure they have spider monkeys down here.
  • The roads are full of potholes, people walking, and people bicycling. Have I said that? But everyone drives slow and is very courteous.
  • One major regret: That I never learned Spanish.
  • There are two dogs that hang around the place I'm staying at and they follow me everywhere! But they are crazy -- they run constantly and end up wrestling each other in the sand. Happiest dogs ever.
  • I do feel guilty taking the first week of January off, but I suggest you do it if you can. I know that depression that can set in.
  • Yep, that's an actual photo up there.
  • I fell asleep in a hammock last night while people played Uno around me.
  • Due to my money issues, I'm walking around with a ton of cash in my pockets every day. I'm constantly checking to make sure it is still there.
  • I've used The Jerk line of "If you flash a load of cash like this in front of some people, they'll kill you for it." Nobody got it.
  • Even white guys have dreadlocks down here.
  • I may pull that off.