The Campaign For DA


Very Quick Random Thoughts

  • I'm typing this from a restaurant in a $5 hostel in Puerto Veijo. I'm surrounded by Bohemians. I'm almost jealous. Heck, I am jealous.
  • I walked out to the water a second ago and took the above pic.
  • Yesterday we did a rafting trip that took four hours. It may be one of the greatest four hours of my life. Imagine a beautiful river, sides that rise 500 feet or more on both sides of you, those sides are covered by jungle terrain, and waterfalls appear periodically.
  • It was the closest I've felt to being a kid again in my life.
  • I'll update this afternoon ....
  • Didn't see the kid in the picture. That's funny.
  • Money problem solved. I have never been so happy to have a cash machine spit out cash.
  • There is only one ATM in this town. Incredible.
  • Every restaurant and bar is the open air. Every one. They don't believe in walls around here.
  • I swam in the ocean this morning at 6:30 a.m. And it was the closest thing to a deserted beach I've ever seen.
  • The marijuana laws, if there are any, are loosely enforced.
  • It's a long story as to where I'm staying. It's in a rented home, two story, no air conditioning, jungle nearby.
  • I've seen a sloth but no monkeys. That must change. Soon.
  • This place seems very "authentic".
  • There are the happiest dogs in the world here and they are loose all over the place. Oddly, most have colors.
  • The Cowboys won? I'm in a land where no one cares.