Random Best Of Posts: Day #5

  • The incident that made Lari Barager my nemesis.
  • My ex secretary used to drive me insane.
  • I regret this post.
  • My best prediction ever was the worst moment for the Mavs ever.
  • I ended up representing this guy and having the case dismissed once evidence (finally) came forth that he wasn't the driver.
  • Jane McGarry gold.
  • Hottest OU girl ever.
  • I had forgotten that Fox tried to do it's own comedy show in 2007. (I researched it and found out it was cancelled after 13 episodes.)
  • There's a Promiseland show that is the new Robert Tilton. They made me made about a week ago, and I remembered they made me mad in 2007.
  • "White Chicks And Gang Signs"
  • "Barron Green" explained.
  • When I reprinted this Christmas flyer from Grace Baptist Church in 2006, which included the regretable phrase "invest in eternity", the comments exploded. (Back then they were unmoderated and I can't even bring myself to link back to them now.)