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Random Best Of Posts: Day #1

  • I posted a pic of this piece of art once but didn't disclose that I own it.
  • One of my favorite moments when I saw Santa walking down my street five years ago.
  • When I got 51 comments on this post in 2005, I thought I had hit the big time. (And the subject matter still works to this day.)
  • The famous Wise County Courthouse crab incident.
  • When I found a video of a guy angry about his experience with the Walmart McDonalds.
  • Craziest question I was ever asked in the Wise County Courthouse.
  • My first pics of the "Nazi Van" which was always near the now illegal camera in Rhome that took pics of speeders.
  • The sappiest movie quote that I love.
  • Hey, now. (Circa 2007)
  • I questioned the Drudge Report on a story and I turned out to be wrong.
  • Wow, I got a little sappy
  • Two guys doing the Charlie Brown Christmas Special dance that I thought was funny but no one else did.
  • A Bridgeport tragedy
  • Funny video of Bridgeport mom being run over by Pee Wee football team.
  • When the City of Decatur moved around Christmas decorations after a blog post.