Random Thursday Morning Thoughts

I still do that. Although "leaving work behind" is not what it once was.

  •  The West Texas Oilman Pac is in full force as it tries to buy two Wise County elections.
    • It continues to dump a piles and piles of cash in to Andy Hopper's campaign. By my calculations, they are around $400,000 in contributions to him for this election. Some recent ones: 

    • And in one of the strangest choices, the PAC has funded sheriff candidate Cary Mellema.  Why in the world are the West Texas Oilmen interested in rural Wise County's sheriff's race? Good job by the Messenger for picking this up and running with it in yesterday's Update:

  • Am I wrong or did gas prices just jump 40 cents overnight? 
  • Justice Alito was been discovered to have flown yet another popular Insurrection flag. And he is still sitting on Insurrection related cases before the court. 

  • Lawsuit news. There are 92 DPS officers named in the lawsuit. I'm not sure they'll get anything because I'm royally confused about how sovereign immunity works in these type of cases.   The insurance carrier for the City of Uvalde has already ponied up its policy limits of $2 million but, considering the massive discovery and legal costs they would have incurred, it was probably cheaper just to just give it up. 

  • Fox4Terry was working last night. 

  • A legal pleading gets filed asserting a normally routine claim of contributory negligence and the next thing you know American Airlines is having to throw "outside counsel" under the bus for blaming a nine year old girl.  I'm desperately looking for the pleadings and/or the names of the law firm -- a firm where heads are rolling this morning. 

  • Video.

  • A pretty big storm/high winds went though Belton last night causing quite a bit of damage to the main strip. 

  • Ouch.


  • The Business Second™. Maybe the housing market isn't slow after all.

  • Am I to understand that the Mav's Kyrie Irving wore these in the playoff game last night?

  • Messenger - Above the Fold