Random Tuesday Morning Thoughts

Ten years ago, gun rights activists finally figured out that you could opwn carry any long barreled firearm in Texas.  And then they started showing up everywhere around DFW.

  • Early voting numbers for the races of Wise County Sheriff and State Representative.

  • Someone has saved, and now weighed, the mailers in the Stucky/Hopper campaign in Wise County. Current leaderboard: Stucky: 14.3 ounces. Hopper: 1 lb. 3.3 ounces.


    • Related: Hopper's new financial report is out (PDF).  This one got my attention. That lady has donated to the Texas Oilman PAC before. 

  • Trump trial.
    • We have some chaos, but I don't understand kicking the press out of a public courtroom for a public trial. 

    • Trump supporters showed up wearing the same outfit yesterday.  I'm no history buff, but I think it's normally a bad sign whenever the far right starts wearing the same uniform. 

    • Look who is going to embarrass us today.
  • Every keeps saying the criminal cases against golfer Scottie Scheffler with "go away", and maybe they will, but the way the DA was arguing over a continuance for a simple arraignment yesterday is not a good sign. Video.

  • Open AI has now pulled its voice for its virtual assistant after Scarlett Johansson revealed she had been offered, but turned down, their request to be the voice model. Then, it seems, OpenAI went ahead and used her voice anyway. (The assistant hasn't been rolled out to the public yet, but the video demo is wild.)

  • Let's check in on Fox News.

  • Sure, let's blame the restaurant. Looks like the Plaintiff's lawyer is out of Houston.

  • I saw this story about a guilty plea of a woman charging $3,000 a pop to transport immigrants. It got my attention because she worked in the D.A.'s office as a victim assistance coordinator, but I didn't expect this: "Garza was driving a DA's office vehicle with official markings when a Victoria County sheriff's deputy stopped her near Victoria on Dec. 7, 2022.."

  • So Trump has a new campaign video referencing, “Strength significantly increased by the creation of a unified Reich.”?