Random Monday Morning Thoughts

I had forgotten how weird that campaign was as we got to see a shirtless Dan Patrick. The commercial had been on YouTube but its now gone. 

  • A PAC's attack of  a Decatur ISD candidate with controversial text messages (and even a TV commercial) royally backfired on Saturday.  I'm a little at loss to explain how it didn't work this time when it worked in the last election for two candidates. Maybe the public is just slow to catch on. 

  • Bridgeport, after multiple failed school bond proposals, trotted out another one which was also defeated. This one was just bare bones.  It failed, too. Bridgeport, what are you thinking?

  • Lubbock surprisingly rejected a proposal to try to an legalize marijuana. 

  • This is weird because the exact same thing happened in an "auction facility" in Denton just a handful of months ago.

  • For every feel good story of some frat boys at UNC defending the American flag, there's a story of a frat boy at Ole Miss impersonating a monkey in the face of black protestor.. Video.  This guy has been kicked out of the fraternity. 

  • VP wannabe Kristi Noem, fresh off her controversy of shooting her dog, decided it would be a good idea to try to do some damage control by going on the Sunday talk shows. It didn't go well when she was asked about the lie in the same book where she claims she met with North Korea's Kim Jong Un.
    • Here's the exchange. Video.

    • And we learn later in the day that the misrepresentation couldn't be blamed on some ghostwriter because Noem had to read it to create the audio book. 

  • Suicides are pretty much kept on the downlow until they become so numerous you can't ignore then. There were three within four days in the Keller ISD. Ages 18, 16,  and 11. 

  • Good grief. It sounds like he fell off the side/back of the stands to the ground outside the stadium.

  • Fox4Terry worked this weekend.

  • Texas has turned into the Handmaid's Tales. Legal nerdy stuff: It's always the same lawyer - Jonathan Mitchell. 

  • Trump is coming to Dallas. "Trump will give the keynote speech May 18 at the Kay Bailey Hutchison Convention Center in downtown Dallas" as part of the NRA convention.
  • Phil Donahue received the Presidential Medal of Freedom last week, so I tracked down a photo of him since I was curious what he looked like now. He's 88. His daytime talk show was great back in the day. 

  • An Apple air-tag saved the day for the Keller softball team while in Midland.

  • After all that mess of propositioning a Marriott employee and finally getting his job back, Michael Irvin was quietly let go again on Friday.

  • I didn't watch it, but the end of the Kentucky Derby looked exciting if you are in to that sort of thing. 

  • New this morning: The Mavericks just gave Jason Kidd a "multi-year" contract extension.