Random Friday Morning Thoughts

The "inappropriate relationship" surge might have peaked at Odessa Permian 
when there were five allegations within one year.

  • Those storms went across the top of Wise County just missing Bridgeport and Decatur yesterday afternoon.
  • The testimony is now over. I still think it did more harm than good. 

    • The reason I hate this Trump prosecution is because the New York law is dumb. It's a crime to make a "false entry" in an internal business record even if (1) I don't present it, or intend to present it, to any third person and (2) there is no intent to deceive a third person.  That's silly. 
    • And the entries were false, the prosecution says, because they went down as "legal expenses" internally. To me, all Trump would have to say is that "the reimbursement to Cohen, plus payment for his work on the matter, was all legal expense it seemed to me. I routinely reimburse lawyers for any and all expenses they incur when paying their bills. So for everyone in my world, we called it a 'legal expense'. It wasn't false at all. We all knew what it meant." Then he's home free.
    • Side note: Today is Day 14 of the trial. It wouldn't have taken more than two days in Texas. For some reason, we have a different definition of "relevant evidence" down her. 
    • New this morning: The judge just denied Trump's request to subpoena Mark Pomerantz, the former prosecutor for the DA who wrote in People vs. Trump: An Inside Account that the Stormy Daniels file was referred to as the "Zombie case" while he was there since no one wanted to pursue the prosecution of it.
  • Ronny Jackson has embarrassed us again. No details have been released yet but the "committee has until June 24 to release more information on the Hunt and Jackson investigations."

  • This looks like a fascinating story ("dark web", "bitcoin", etc.), but all the news stories about it just quote the press release from the prosecutor's office. Back in the day, local media would have been all over something like this. Now we just learn about it directly from, and from the prospective of, the government once the case is over. 

  • Luka's post-game press conference last night was derailed with unexpected audio of, well, let's just say it could have come from Stormy Daniels in her prime. His expression was golden.  Video

  • I couldn't help but focus on the John Wayne picture on the wall. They realize he was just an actor, right? And that he lived in Beverly Hills and not Dodge City in the 1880s?

  • It's just an $11 million accounting error that ended up as bonuses. 

  • Cuban might want to be careful with this.

  • Time which has passed since the Wise County Sheriff's Office, despite having a full male DNA profile, has failed to solve the murder of Lauren Whitener in her home at Lake Bridgeport: 4 years and 311 days.