Ramdom Monday Morning Thought

Now he's in a run-off for Sheriff. 

  • Michael Cohen takes the stand this morning in Trump's business records case. This will be a disaster.

  • This happened in Fort Worth last week. The  video is insane.

  • A Decatur teenager is turning heads in the bull riding circuit -- especially after this weekend in Fort Worth. 

  • Wise County Judge J.D. Clark got royally complemented in this opinion piece in the Dallas Morning News.

  • No way Melania was going to let him do it once she found out about it. 

  • Heck of a photo.

  • The Dallas Morning News has a long feature on tollways, and had this graphic. Although it focuses on Texas, how does Oklahoma have so many toll road miles?

  • This new New York Times poll is both relevant and concerning as it looks at the battleground states. 

  • Pop culture deaths:
    • It is one of the greatest scenes in cinema history. Video.

    • In 1968, when protestors took over the president's office of Columbia University, this guy's photograph appeared in Life magazine. 

  • Legal quick hits: 
    • Holy witchcraft! In one of the craziest indictments you will ever see, the Collin County D.A.'s office charged a person with aggravated assault by "soliciting an unknown individual to put a  spell" on someone and used his hands as a "deadly weapon" while doing it.  And the defendant pled guilty to it! Thread.

    • The Fifth Circuit's far right wing judge James Ho is now just casually citing to the Bible.

    • On Friday, the Supreme Court ruled against a "wrongful life" claim -- suing a doctor when he screws up a sterilization procedure and a healthy child results. Opinion

  • I saw a TV ad of Gov. Greg Abbott telling me that "he cannot trust Andy Hopper" and telling me to vote for Dr. Lynn Stucky in Wise County's run-off race.