Random Tuesday Morning Thoughts

Ten years ago, Decatur's high school principal became the superintendent for Eastland ISD. I looked him up and learned he's now the superintendent for Krum ISD as of 2022.

  • Speaking of school boards, the open forum for Decatur ISD is getting feisty. All the board meetings are archived by video here
  • Trump trial quick hits:
    • Day 17: Michael Cohen should be cross-examined today. 
    • Anderson Cooper on CNN always has a panel show covering the day in Trump's trial, and I was proud to see last night this New York criminal defense lawyer saying exactly what I have been saying: Trump needs to argue that "legal expense" isn't a false entry at all. 

    • We are beginning to see some Trump sycophants showing up to support Trump.  Yesterday is was J.D. Vance and Tommy Tuberville were in the courtroom. Today it will be House Speaker Johnson in the gallery. Already spotted are Vivek Ramaswamy and Byron Donalds.

    • Buddy, welcome to the typical day in criminal court. 

  • Gov. Abbott was lying yesterday as he tried to defend the cutting of funding for Texas public schools. The school funding bill was killed because it included a voucher provision which would have even further gutted public education -- especially in rural areas.

  • Is he talking about regular Christianity or MAGA Christianity? 

  • I didn't mention Trump's weird Hannibal Lecter rant from this weekend, but they took note of it overseas.

  • Google is rolling out a new results page with AI generated answers to search questions at the top. 

  • The Business Second™: Highway 287 around Bonds Ranch Road is about to get busier.

  • The Business Second Second™.  Someone explain all of this to me. The debtor defaults on a $13 million note for a property in downtown Fort Worth valued at $104.5 million on the tax rolls, and the bank is able to now own the whole building by buying it at their forced foreclosure auction on the courthouse steps for $12.3 million?  

  • So if the Cowboys decide to extend Dak, what's it going to cost now?

  • I mentioned this Northwest ISD kid a couple of weeks ago but never followed up. At just 15 years old, he won the 800 meters in 5A as a freshman at the state meet. Here's the video of the last 200 meters. The Star-Telegram has him on their home page this morning. 

  • If you've got 10 minutes, you have to watch the commencement speaker for Ohio State University. I can't get over it. Link.

  • I made a huge typo yesterday (surprise!). I should have written that Gov. Abbott is in a commercial saying he can't trust Andy Hopper.