Random Friday Morning Thoughts

In the same week, UT announced beer sales at Memorial Stadium and former Aggie great Bucky Richardson got arrested for DWI. 

  • I've said it before, Israel will pay for decades for the way they've killed innocent people in Gaza instead of just targeting Hamas. Gaza now puts the death toll at over 30,000.  Our Defense Secretary yesterday said the dead at least numbered 25,000. 

  • As I predicted, the bill co-sponsored by Rep. David Spiller (R-Jacksboro) giving state agents the right to arrest migrants and ultimately deport them has been declared unconstitutional. It never had a chance. PDF of yesterday's opinion here.

  • I was tipped me off to the open mic session of the ultra-MAGA extremist Keller School Board last night and, let me tell you, it was wildly entertaining.  Some time this weekend just put the YouTube event on in the background and watch to see if you don't sucked in. I've got it cued up for you. But if you just want a taste, watch this gal here. But the guy below was after my own heart -- he's holding up the cover of Texas Monthly of the man who is trying to buy the Wise County election. 

  • We had a duel at the border yesterday. Compare and contrast.  

    • What's he talking about again? Video.

    • This drives me insane. His daddy is rolling over in his grave. 

    • Fox News's Neil Cavuto cut away from Trump's speech at the border after Trump started ranting about the 2020 election. “He still lost that election. That is not in doubt anymore. That’s not being debated anymore,” Cavuto said. It's amazing to watch, but this is what you get when you had to pay $787 million in a defamation lawsuit for previously repeating Trump's lies. Video.
  • The Liberally Lean Weather Team asked me if I knew about the crazy snow storm which will hit the eastern part of California and adjoining states this weekend. The numbers below are in feet, not inches.

  • A fine? That's it? He indicted her back when abortion was legal in Texas because it was considered a constitutionally protected right. You know, just a few months ago.

  • Legal PR stuff: I cringed hard watching this lawyer's prepared remarks. He represents the Chiefs' fan known as "Chiefsaholic" who just pled guilty to bank robbery.  Video. It's worth a minute of your time. It begins, “From the beginning of this case, folks, the government has been blitzing.” Groan.

  • Want to see a tattoo of the box score of the Ranger's winning World Series game?

  • I'm heavily linking to video today. I try not to do that. 
  • Time which has passed since the Wise County Sheriff's Office, despite having a full male DNA profile, has failed to solve the murder of Lauren Whitener in her home at Lake Bridgeport: 4 years and 249 days.