Random Thursday Morning Thoughts

Yep, that was the Decatur Walmart. 

  • The Supreme Court said late yesterday afternoon that the D.C. Insurrection case will remain on hold and, for some reason, thinks it is necessary to decide if a President gets to do anything he wants while in office with impunity. Sheesh.  The quickest we can have a decision is May, and the latest is around July 1st. 
    Felt like there should be a couple of commas in there. At least two.

    • Heck, I'm resigned to just put all the criminal trials on hold.   If Trump wins, and America wants an authoritarian form of government, so be it. He'll kill the federal cases and somehow kill the state cases. If that's what we want then we deserve everything we get. 
    • Even assuming the D.C. Insurrection trial gets to start before the election, there is no way it's over before then. And what does it really matter? A criminal conviction, with an appeal of it, isn't going to change a thing from an election standpoint. 
  • Overlooked in everything, is that the State of Illinois kicked Trump off the ballot last night. I don't think there's any question that the Supreme Court, which is already about to decide this issue in a Colorado case, puts him back on all the ballots. 

  • The Texas government killed a man last night. This was a picture of him from yesterday.

  • What's the real point of this? It's not financial. She's an adult and is entitled to nothing from Jerry Jones even if she is his biological child. Just write her out of the will and she gets nothing. 
    Alexandra Davis
  • Trump may have remade the Supreme Court, but he couldn't do it without the procedurally maneuvering of this man. Good riddance

    • There is a belief that John Cornyn could replace McConnell as the new Senate majority leader. That speculation gave rise to this wild exchange below yesterday. More Republican on Republican violence. 

  • Wise County made this month's Texas Monthly.  Honestly, there's a lot weirder stuff than that happening around here on a weekly basis.

  • Here's a  Houston mega-church pastor with 18,000 members and six campuses. Just like I wonder what happened to the Republican Party of days gone by, I wonder what has happened to the Church.


  • My graphics teams added a red arrow to this graphic to point out when the iPhone was released.

  • The fact that a bunch of billionaires place an arbitrary "salary cap" on workers' salaries -- and everyone is just fine with it -- is mind-boggling to me.  Not to mention a "draft" where workers are forced into set salaries for set employers which they have no voice in. 

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