Random Thursday Morning Thoughts

This was an assistant county attorney in Houston who worked on CPS cases. She ended up gambling on a jury trial and wound up convicted of a felony. She received two years probation. Noteworthy is that she was represented by a Dan Gogdell who was one of Ken Paxton's crotchety defense lawyers in his impeachment trial. (The judge tried to help her out by granting her Motion for New Trial but an appellate court overturned that action.)

  • Back when Southern states balked at court-ordered school integration, the president sent in U.S. troops to order compliance.  I don't know if this border situation gets to that point, but this is reaching a bizarro status.

    • Abbott issued a statement yesterday to justify his defiance of the Supreme Court order by citing a different Supreme Court case. Incredibly, the citation was actually to a losing dissenting opinion in Arizona vs United States where Arizona lost trying to do the same thing Texas is doing.. 
  • There was a death last night in crash involving a wrong way driver on 114 near Northwest High School. 
  • This endorsement is a big deal in the swing states. And Trump made a critical mistake last year when he went to a non-union shop to give a speech during the strike. Those boys will remember that.

  • That number seems awfully high.

    • Flashback from 2021 when Abbott made us a promise. Video.

  • Taylor Swift fake AI porn images are making news this morning. The world is headed to a very weird place. 

  • Ken Paxton is very upset that the judge is making him sit for a deposition after admitting all liability in the Whistleblowers lawsuit.

  • And his other legal case is a mess. Special prosecutors were appointed years ago in Collin County but its commissioners, being Paxton fans, refused to pay them. And getting paid is all that the prosecutors have been focused on ever since. The actual prosecution hasn't even moved one iota.
  • It's only on Mondays, but that will make it the best show on TV all week long. Love that guy. 

  • I had completely forgotten that she existed. Remember when Mark Cuban hired her in 2018 to simply make some very bad press go away?

  • With Michigan's Jim Harbaugh leaving for the NFL's Chargers yesterday, now three of the final four college playoff teams have lost their coach. Only Texas remains intact. Maybe Michigan could hire Steve Sarkisian and give us a clean sweep.
  • Legally nerdy stuff: The Texas Court of Criminal Appeals has decided to hear whether geo-warrants for Google's data are legal.  There's a 100% chance they will say yes.
  • Messenger - Above the Fold