Random Friday Morning Thoughts

The experts were wrong. 

  • Having to present a triple funeral seems like an unimaginable task That's what happens this afternoon as Dr. Heath Smith and his two sons are laid to rest with services at First Baptist Church in Decatur. 

  • A 23 year old stole a small plane from Adidson airport but crashed it in Fannin County. "CBS News Texas obtained radio transmissions between the pilot and the Addison Tower, where he informs the tower controller he is not going to listen to their instructions and plans on heading to east Texas." He then turned north.

  • The government of Alabama put an ill fitting mask on a guy last night to kill him after all last second appeals were denied. It went ghoulishly.

    • One of the most shocking parts of the story is one that is hardly mentioned:

  • A church caved in on itself in New London, Connecticut. No deaths or injuries.

  • I don't know if cancelling school is the best option, but schools do need to something to celebrate this historic event. But I'm hearing some schools aren't even planning to have the students go outside to view it with the special lenses. That seems wrong. 

  • His testimony was uneventful as it was short. It lasted three minutes (including cross) and the judge told the jury to disregard what was was easily 85% of his testimony as non-responsive. And Trump didn't even whine about the ruling.

  • I had no idea the famous singer's dad was DA of New Orleans for 30 years. I feel dumb.

  • Let me just say there is no way this will happen,


  • When I see headlines like this, I always think of what evidentiary hurdles I'm going to have to go through to get the video admitted. Anyway, the guy is 32 and is on YouTube as "Gixxer Brah" posting nutty videos.

  • We had a big upset in men's tennis in the Australian Open overnight, but Fox and Friends not only misspelled the winner's name, but also had another big typo.

  • I'll position this Star-Telegram story about a local lab solving cases through Forensic Genetic Genealogy. 

  • Time which has passed since the Wise County Sheriff's Office, despite having a full male DNA profile, has failed to solve the murder of Lauren Whitener in her home at Lake Bridgeport: 4 years and 214 days.