Random Tuesday Morning Thoughts

When the now defunct Deadspin got hold of a memo of Tech's plan to create an image around Kliff Kingsbury, their newly hired 33 year old football coach. Sadly, the nickname that actually stuck -- "Coach Bro" -- isn't mentioned in the memo.

  • That was a quick court appearance yesterday, but the civil lawyers showed up and managed to get in front of the cameras.  You'll notice that our D.A. keeps a low profile and has not granted one single TV interview. 

    • The media presence was about what was expected. KXAS and Fox 4 showed up. 

    • Maybe the most interesting thing about the court appearance were the modifications to the building.  Normally, inmates make about a a 50 feet outside walk up a ramp against the back of the building (under the covered parking) to a door on the corner. That was done yesterday, but a big blue tarp was put up to cover that walk.  
      • This is the way it normally looks:

      • Here is what it looked like yesterday:

    • Wild speculation: That tarp wasn't there because to block media cameras, that was there because of a potential security threat to the defendant.  Regardless, it was all taken down immediately after the brief hearing was over. 
    • Side note: That building is being used for the district court while the courthouse is being slowly renovated.
  • That kidnapping video from Mexico is not good. "A video posted to social media on Friday showed men with assault rifles and body armor loading four people into the bed of a white pickup in broad daylight. One was alive and sitting up, but the others seemed either dead or wounded. At least one person appeared to lift his head from the pavement before being dragged to the truck." 

    • The New York Times also reported that a relative said that three of the four were accompanying another who went to Mexico for "stomach tuck surgery."
  • The Czech Stop in West had a little trouble last night. 

  • "A former Denton County sheriff’s investigator pleaded no contest to insurance fraud Monday after he obtained an insurance policy on his personal vehicle following a crash with a Sanger police car."  It really wasn't the crime of the century: He got into a wreck in his personal vehicle but didn't have liability insurance. He then immediately ran to his agent, got liability insurance, and provided the card to the Sanger police which showed an effective date as the same as the wreck.  He got one day in jail, credit for time served.

  • This is great: Police are complaining about what they say was an illegal search and seizure. Facts: A drug dog hits "near" two lockers and a backpack in the officers common locker room area. Investigators then get a search warrant for the two lockers and the backpack.  Dope was found in one of the lockers, but dope was not found in one officer's backpack or his own locker.  Now the police are mad because the search warrant is a public record and it has the innocent officer's name in it. Welcome to the party, boys. 

    • What about the drugs, you ask? "In regards to the drugs, investigators did not find any link between the substance and any Fort Worth Police Department employee, Heise said. The locker room is accessed by officers, other employees and people who are part of investigations that are escorted through the building, she said." Riiiiight. 
  • I'm not following the high profile Wichita Falls murder case which was transferred to Tarrant County on a change of venue all that closely, but the Wichita Falls paper has an up to the minute blog which is really detailed and really good. But I can also report that the signage outside the courtroom in Tarrant County is about as spare as there is. 

  • This seems a little uncomfortably messy out of San Antonio.
  • So Tucker Carlson has access to 44,000 hours of January 6th footage, and his big reveal last night was that the Insurrectionist Shaman at times casually strolled through the Capitol with guards watching him? In other news, parts of the Zapruder film show that Kennedy's motorcade was perfectly normal.

  • How everyone accepts how the NFL does business in mind-boggling. Yesterday, the Cowboys put the "franchise tag" on Tony Pollard. So look what happens to the man.
    •  He will not allowed to go onto the open market to the highest bidder where he hopefully would have gotten a three to four year deal with lots of guaranteed money. 
    • And after another year of wear and tear on a running backs body, his value on the open market will plummet next year. 
    • All of this this is after he was drafted four years ago and forced to play for only one team for a salary "slot" which could not be negotiated. 
    • And what do the Cowboys do to announce the franchise tag? They promote this this anti-capitalistic tactic on Twitter and had the gall to place a BlockChain.com ad in the corner to make make money off of the announcement. 

  • I can personally attest to a wildly higher car insurance rate this year . . .