Random Monday Morning Thoughts

Five years after the mortgage bond crisis and four years into the Obama Administration, the stock market finally recovered to a new high at 14,250 on March 5, 2013. For comparison, it sits at 33,390 today. 

  • CPS was there late Friday afternoon and made the decision to remove the children. She called 911 at that time -- I'm presuming for assistance. "Authorities did not say what prompted the CPS worker to call the emergency line." Five minutes later, the police arrived and made the discovery.  

  • He decided to invoke a Bible verse about a slave serving his master. Really. Maybe he should have just used the husband-wife-subservient analogy. 

  • On Friday, a landscaper employee working in Southlake died.

    • Also on Friday, this graphic was on the cover of the USA Today. 

  • What's this about? And the FBI is offering a $50,000 reward but not releasing the names of the Americans?

  • Trump news:
    • This may be his wildest social post in months. 

    • And I don't know what was weirder about his appearance at CPAC: That he went full Hitler promising "retribution" or NewsMax grifting with a split screen for gold. 

    • Man, the Republicans have a huge problem on their hands with Trump. 
  • Let's check in on Wise County's crazy Congressman. Video.  (He also spoke at CPAC and his rapidity of speech makes me a little suspicious.)

  • Oddest tweet of the weekend came from an Oklahoma congressman.
  • Wise County used to be represented in the Texas House by Phil King. He's now moved on to the Texas Senate for a different district, and he also has gone full Christian Nationalist by proposing that the 10 Commandments be posted in every public school.

  • The Texas Tribune has a story on the troubled Bowie hospital getting help from Jacksboro's hospital.

  • The JonBenet Ramsey house is for sale, but it's a little pricey. Fun fact:  "In 2004, it was purchased for $1.05 million by its current owners, Tim Milner and his wife, Carol Schuller Milner, the daughter of 'Hour of Power' televangelist Robert H. Schuller."

  • More Murdaugh jurors are on TV this morning. Hey, they would have convicted him regardless of whether he testified. That was just a Hail Mary to try and prevent it.

  • Patrick Mahomes' brother proved he was a creep when a video surfaced this weekend of him aggressively kissing a hostess against her will.

  • More proof I'm a sports expert: The moment after Zeke Elliott signed his new contract extension in September of 2019  that guaranteed $50 million, I predicted he would be done after the 2022 season:

  • You know who is a Republican who might be able to win if he could somehow finagle the nomination away from Trump? Gov. Chris Sununu of New Hampshire. I saw him on Showtime's The Circus last night. He's actually seems normal.