Random Tuesday Morning Thoughts

There was one game left in the regular season, and this news came out of nowhere. He had a slight limp in his last game but, on the following Monday, that slight limp  turned out to be a herniated disc. The Cowboys were 8-7 and needed a win in the final game to make the playoffs. They had to turn to back-up . . . Kyle Orton. 

  • Let the post-Christmas depression begin. 
  • And this isn't exactly a feel good note I just saw. 

  • We had some Christmas Day air strikes by the U.S.  It was in response to a bomb-enabled drone hit. 

    • And that wasn't the only place Iran's name was making headlines.

  • An odd early Christmas Eve fire in Denton.

  • Put me in the group of confused people when I heard that the "founding member" of the Dixie Chicks had died, yet I didn't recognize her.  Laura Lynch wasn't with the group long before she was replaced with Natalie Maines.

    • But my confusion wasn't as bad a that of Fox News. They announced her death the next day by using the photo of a different Laura Lynch -- a person who is very  much alive and a Canadian reporter

  • Decatur based David's Western Wear had a fire at its Weatherford location. 

  • Random Christmas note: A car dealership in Dallas (by Campisi's restaurant) used to have this large Santa with an actual car sitting in his lap. 

  • Trump was in the Christmas spirit. "May they rot in hell!" Can you imagine being him? 

  • There was significant news in Trump's federal insurrection case on Friday when the Supreme Court denied Jack Smith's request to get immediately involved in Trump's "presidential immunity" claim. The case, and that claim, are currently in the middle of an appeal at the D.C. Circuit and the criminal prosecution has been stayed during that appeal.

    • This may not delay the case too much. Oral arguments at the D.C. Circuit are set for January 9th. I bet there would be a decision within two weeks.  Trump's lawyers worked on the holidays and filed their brief late Saturday night. 
  • If you haven't seen one player attack another well after a Saturday bowl game was over and while the school song was being played, here you go.   Story here.

  • Ohio State thinks DFW is in the desert. Give it a few more years and they might be right.

  • For those interested in the politics of prosecution in Texas: Here is a list of every upcoming District Attorney and County Attorney election in Texas with names. There are 206 uncontested elections (including two in Wise County) and 57 contested ones.