Random Wednesday Morning Thoughts

A lady with only 170 followers on Twitter fired off what she thought was a throw-away funny line but became a viral sensation -- the bad kind -- in the meantime. It was also kind of the end of "it's just online between us friends" era. Anything can come back to haunt you. 

  • Bad wreck in Johnson County yesterday afternoon. All of the dead were in one vehicle - the one at the bottom of the photo below.

  • An 18 year old who was nine months pregnant and one week overdue was the subject of a missing persons alert earlier this week. Yesterday, she was found dead, along with her boyfriend, in a  hospital parking lot in San Antonio. According to the police chief, "It's a very, very perplexing crime scene. Detectives are looking at this as a possible murder, but we're not sure. We can't say for sure what we have." That's not a good sign. 

  • Let me tell you, I think the renter here is being a bit of a drama queen. I'm not particularly fired up for finding dope in my AirBNB, but I'm not calling the cops.  (Maybe it was when he complained about having to throw out his leftovers from "brunch" because he was moving to a hotel that got me. Or maybe it was the statement of  "They could’ve come back wanting to shoot my family." Settle down, fella.)


  • The video of Rep. Jeff Leach turned out to be a pretty big bag of nothing.  He basically went around a road closure, but got out of his vehicle briefly during the event. A right wing group associated with the Texas Oilmen PAC has the video now but just described it instead of releasing it to the public.

    • But I will say Leach acted very weird afterwards when he met the officers involved at a Starbucks and gave them gift cards. We do have have bodycam footage of it. And he comes across as inadvertently being a bit more-holier-than-thou: "This has nothing to do, I want you to hear me here, with me running for office, with me running for re-election, with me being an elected official. This is just me—Jeff Leach as a citizen—feeling really bad about what happened that day and just wanting to make things right with you."

  • Man, this time of year is always a struggle to find news story because all the newsrooms are off for the holidays. I'm dealing with headlines like this telling us that folks who went away do, in fact, have to come back. 

  • Trump posted this word cloud yesterday of what voters think a second Trump term would bring. He thinks "revenge" and "dictatorship" are selling points.  And he's not wrong among the Ultra-MAGA-extremists.   

  • The most annoying non-Trump Republican presidential candidate is all but dropping out of the race

  • The Business Second™: Mortgage rateS as of this morning. 

  • Tomorrow's Pop Tart Bowl not only has the greatest name, but it also has the greatest trophy -- complete with two of the pastries at the top.

  • Texas State, who I will always know as Southwest Texas State, won its first game ever last night. They beat Rice, 45-21.