Random Thursday Morning Thoughts

I'm not sure what prompted me to do an online poll 10 years ago, and I really couldn't believe the results of this question. 

  • Johnson County wreck update: We now know that six of the dead are from Georgia, and the wreck was caused when a 17 year old driver of the other vehicle was passing in a no passing zone.

  • Police Unnecessary Tools: Houston PD used a massive robot yesterday to destroy the cab of a truck just to to get a guy out of it when about a 1,000 different alternatives existed. Video.

  • That's one way to appeal to the Trump worshippers. Long live Jefferson Davis and the Lost Cause!  Video from last night.

  • The flu has been the reason for 11% of all ER visits in Tarrant County as of yesterday.  I know it is hitting Wise County. 

  • Mark Cuban finally appeared in front of reporters after the sale of the Mavericks was approved. I still say something weird is going on. 
    • Cuban, who has always incorrectly thought he was the smartest man in the room, doesn't think he can handle real estate investing? Jerry Jones has made a fortune in it "on the fly." And why does he think he is "having to invest" in real estate anyway? 

    • And this is just nonsensical rambling for a guy who always loved owning the Mavericks. He's lying.  

  • That's one way to keep from come getting beat. She'll move to the district "next year."

    • `Flashback: But it didn't work out for this guy.

  • The decision banning Trump from the Colorado ballot was officially, and somewhat quietly, appealed to the Supreme Court yesterday. That, and that alone, puts Trump's name back on the ballot, and it will stay that way unless the Supreme Court gets around to saying otherwise.
  • I don't think the arrest is related -- and it sure shouldn't be in this day and time. The guy hasn't played all year, and the Cowboys had to cut someone to make room for an incoming offensive lineman.

  • My recent swim through Mad Men caused me to do a double-take while having Love, Actually on during the holidays and seeing that the Wisconsin bar scene included Mrs. Donald Draper. 

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