Random Wednesday Morning Thoughts

Matt Lauer dressed as Pamela Anderson on The Today Show. It would be four more years until the scandal dropped

  •  "A barrage of Israeli airstrikes leveled apartment buildings in Gaza's largest refugee camp near Gaza City on Tuesday." With images of more dead children hitting the airwaves, Israel is doing itself no favors. 

  • Oh, my. There's a car sticking out of that hole.  

  • I'm hearing that the "trafficking bust" at the Indian restaurant in Alvord will have some pretty shocking facts. There might have been a reason there was so much truck traffic. 
  • Trooper crash near Houston last night. 

  • Ranger quick hits:
    • Best moment from last night's game.

    • The Star-Telegram isn't afraid of jinxes. (As expected, the article behind it was written by Mac Engel who has turned into a kind of funny shock jock.)

  • Greg Abbott announced a "deal" yesterday on school vouchers, but I think it might still be dead -- as it should be. He's trying to bribe the House with teacher salary increases in exchange for his plan to send your tax money to unregulated religious private schools as subsidies.

  • She represented a portion of Wise County until recent gerrymandering. 

  • Political fun fact: The new Speaker of the House was once the dean of a Southern Baptist law school in Louisiana which never opened. (I didn't now whether to post this story or the other ones this morning that (1) he claims to not have a bank account and even says so on required financial disclosure forms, or (2) he gave legal advice and partnered with Exodus International - a now defunct gay conversion group.)

  • Wise County Courthouse ornaments are now on sale for $25. Proceeds go towards the ongoing restoration fund. The date makes them attractive since 2023 will always be the real year of the transformation. 

  • As shown in this exclusively obtained photo, the Wise County D.A.'s office all dressed up in the same outfit for Halloween -- an outfit which apparently mimics what that the elected D.A. wears to work all the time. Except for yesterday.  

  • If this was from a past Halloween, I don't care. The "dog" in the background was a very nice touch. 

    • Flashback:

  • My business show, It's Warehouses, People!™, is back on the air. The "185,569-square-foot cold storage facility at 5225 Investment Drive in Dallas . . .  along with others in Florida and Missouri, were acquired for almost $50 million."  They are just taunting us with that street name. 

  • The Las Vegas Raiders, who not too long ago fired Jon Gruden mid-contract and had to pay him a record $60 million, last night fired coach Josh McDaniels who has four full years left on his deal. He is now owed $40 million. (May I remind you that the NFL has a self-imposed "salary cap" for players.)