Random Monday Morning Thoughts

It was only 10 years ago that the name of an officer would be readily released without the need for an open records request.

  • On Saturday morning, the official Wise County Republican Party issued a statement denouncing the West Texas Oil Man PAC for meeting with a known white supremist and antisemite, and announced that it was donating to a third party the $2,000 it had recently received from the PAC.
    • No word yet whether a Wise County Texas House candidate will do a similar act with the $55,000 he has received. 

  • Israel enters Gaza. (Sidenote: It's Ok to be pro-Israel and not want to see innocent Palestinians die.) Various news headlines:


  • On September 24th, DFW hit 101 degrees breaking an all time record. Now we have a freeze warning:

    • Oh, come on. 

  • And now another mass shooting in the United States is already old news.

  • Who would have thought that a guy who one-third of the Republican Party wanted to hang couldn't gain traction?

  • Let's check in on Fox News. Oh, no! We've lost David Spiller (R-Jacksboro)!

  • Who knows how he died, but his recent autobiography revealed he was pretty full throttle in the area of self-medication for years.

  • Let me tell you, Junior, it ain't the dirty libs who are complaining about Halloween. 

  • He really did. The Senator he was dogging lost three fingers at age 9 on his left hand "when grinding meat in his family’s butcher shop."  Ronny Jackson, whether drunk or not, embarrasses Wise County every week. 

  • College football screenshot. Yep, that really happened:

  • Very random discovery: Brigham Young had 55 wives, and here is a list of every one of them. And don't forget the 57 children.