Random Tuesday Morning Thoughts

This made headlines because two "bikers" in a larger group had "dragged a driver from his car in Upper Manhattan and beat him in front of his wife and baby daughter." It turned out that one of the two was an off duty undercover cop. Both men were ultimately convicted

  • Wise County Deputies shot and injured killed a man in the 100 block of Honeysuckle in Paradise last night after they responded to a domestic disturbance call. No names released yet. Edit: Update reports that the man was "identified as 37-year-old Edward Lander."

  • I think this is just the tip of the iceberg.  Israel's response has historically been one of, "If my neighbor burns my tool shed down, I'll level his house and everything and everyone inside."  And I haven't heard near enough about the impact of no water or electricity on over 2 million people with no place to go. 

  • All of this makes me very uncomfortable.   He was a mess in court, and the jury convicted him in under 20 minutes. 

  • Some Republicans in Austin went after the West Texas Oil Money PAC yesterday for hosting a Nazi. 

    • Example

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    • By the way, this is the guy who is in charge of administrating the PAC and for meeting with Nick Fuentes.   Jonathan Strickland is, and has always been, a miserable human being. And he's the ultimate simpleton. 

  • The Voucher Scam fight officially began in Austin yesterday.  If you care about your kid's school, you should care about this.  

  • He a nutcase and his campaign kickoff where he forgot to bring his speech with him is golden. And funny. Video.
  • I gave up on the NFL once I figured out that fans care more about the outcome than the players.

  • Extremely nerdy legal stuff which is appeal related. The Fifth Circuit is getting weird. Yesterday a dissenting judge, who didn't write a dissent, instead just attached a fake majority opinion that he felt should have been written. (Opinion here. Look at page 1, the one paragraph dissent on page 5, and then page 6.)