Random Monday Morning Thoughts

We learned that Sky Mirror was coming to Jerry World. 

  • Well, this certainly rocked the weekend. 

    • This is easily the worst attack in the history of Israel.  Hamas, a terrorist organization which has controlled the Gaza Strip for the last 15 years, fired as many as 2,500 rockets into Israel while simultaneously breaching the fence barrier and doing land attacks with militants killing and taking people hostage. Over 800 are dead with at least nine Americans being killed. 

    • If you are wondering how Hamas could pull that scale attack off without Israel not knowing anything about its planning, you aren't the only one. 
    • Gaza is 6 miles wide and 25 miles long and home to 2.3 million people.  The actions of Hamas will cause probably thousands of innocent Palestinians to die because Israel will unload on that land -- they've already started with over 560 dead. Israel, which has been controlling who comes in and out of Gaza, just shockingly ordered all water, electricity and fuel to the Gaza Strip to be shut down. 

    • The attack by Hamas was an act of terrorism, horrific, and unjustified, but you cannot say it was "unprovoked" by Israel. Its conduct over the years causes blood to be on its hands as well. There's a lot of gray over there. But I'm just a white dude from small town Texas, so what do I know. 
    • It was stunning to see the number of lies and misinformation about the attack  - especially on now unreliable Twitter. The biggest one was that Iran used the $5 billion recently paid by the U.S. to free hostages to fund the attack. Iran certainly helped, but that money wasn't used. It's sitting in a bank account in Qatar.  

  • It's news from last week, but you may not have seen This belated video of the plane crashing in Arlington. A chain link fence did in fact stop it.

  • Paxton Impeachment Fallout with Breaking News:
    • Oh, my. Ken Paxton's announced this morning that he will file criminal complaints against all House Managers in their home county for allegedly violating Texas new anti-doxing law because of the document dump last week.  This will get a little uncomfortable over in Jacksboro where House Manager David Spiller resides. 

    • More breaking news this morning: Spiller just got an opponent for his seat in Texas House District 68.

    • I don't know why he released this on Friday, but Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick issued the most scathing attack on the Texas House yet -- and in a very conversational style -- for the impeachment attempt. I'll say it again: Why did the representatives risk their jobs if they weren't sure the Senate would follow through with an impeachment conviction?

  • Anyone surprised by this? The man who is charge of the West Texas Oil Men PAC, which is behind school board infiltration of Christian Nationalists and School Vouchers, hosted a the nationa's leading wanna-be Nazi. (This is the name Nazi who attended a dinner at Mar-a-Lago with Trump and Kanye which Trump got in hot water for and had to distance from.)

  • Great moment in the Messenger's coverage of the Decatur Eagles away game on Friday occurred at halftime. He did get out. 

  • Forbes had its annual list of 400 Richest Americans list. These are the Texans on it which (1) doesn't include Mark Cuban and (2) reveals that "pipelines" might even be a better gig than warehouses.

  • You got to admit, that's a better bit than streaking. 

  • I told you not to trust the OU/Texas line.  As for the Cowboys, you should never trust any NFL game.