Random Wednesday Morning Thoughts


  • We've got a tiny bit more information regarding the shooting of a man by Wise County deputies Monday night. The Tarrant County Medical Examiner says he died from "multiple" gunshot wounds.

    • And don't freak out that the Manner of Death is listed as "HOMICIDE."  That's just archaic ME language for "not natural and at the hands of another."   (I'm restraining myself from going on my typical ME rant about how they should only be stating, in medical terms, how a person died  -- Not the surrounding non-medical circumstances. Just leave it at "multiple gunshot wounds" and stop.)
  • "MONTAGUE, Texas — Suspended Clay County Sheriff Jeffrey Lyde will serve 30 days in Hardeman County Jail, pay fines, permanently surrendered his law enforcement license and gave up his right to appeal as part of an agreement for his punishment for two misdemeanor crimes." I can't believe they actually got him. But see how smart the prosecutors are? They cut a deal on punishment after the conviction but only if he gave up his right to appeal. 

  • Gaza's only power plant shut down this morning. Now more that 2 million people have no electricity. I think this is going to be a humanitarian disaster. 

  • Not Mary Lou! But you're telling me she didn't have insurance and has to resort to a GoFundMe equivalent?

  • Texas Scorecard, an arm of the West Texas Oil Men PAC, has jumped on the fact that Jacksboro's David Spiller now has an opponent in House District 68. And they framed it in the way you would expect the Ultra-MAGA Extremists to frame it. 

  • It took a couple of days for the media to confirm the online reports, but we had us some Nazis in Fort Worth last weekend. (And this is in addition to the Tarrant County meeting between the Nazi meeting and Jonathan Stickland who runs the oil money PAC.)  And Torchy's Tacos issued quite the blunt response

  • This really is an amazing photo comparison of the Brandenburg Gate in Berlin, Germany. 

  • Always worry about the loudest. And the headline doesn't even mention the strip clubs, pills, and misuse of donor money. 

  • The Business Second: If you know anyone with an ownership interest in Pioneer, based in Irving, celebrate for them. Fun Fact: Pioneer was formed in 1997 when MESA, Inc., founded by T. Boone Pickens, merged with another company. This deal was announced this morning.

    • Other ExxonMobil news isn't as rosy.  I know nothing about the facts of this case, but the mere fact that it happened "at La Quinta Inn & Suites hotel in Magnolia, Texas" where police "spoke with a woman who said she was sexually assaulted by a man in one of the hotel rooms" tells me that there is probably a back story here which might end up being a  reasonable doubt. Or more. 

  • I have only a passing interest in baseball, but those last five games were predicted by absolutely no one. 
  • The Republicans still don't have a Speaker of the House.