Random Wednesday Morning Thoughts

That was really bad. The lake is 10.83 feet low as of this morning. 

  • There was a huge house fire in Southlake yesterday afternoon on Enclave Court. That was one big house.  

  • Very red Ohio (Trump won 53%-45%) rejected abortion restrictions last night by a wide margin.  That Dobbs decision might end changing everything. 

    • This is what it was about: This Fall, there will be a referendum on the Ohio ballot as to whether to basically put the old Roe abortion rights into the Ohio state constitution. The Republicans in their state house feared that would pass so they tried to sneak in this obscure voting proposition yesterday which, if passed, would raise the requirement in the future to 60% on any vote to amend the constitution. Voters caught on to this trick, turned out in droves yesterday, and rejected the 60% threshold. So now Roe can become law again in Ohio this Fall with a 50% + 1 vote.  
  • So Greg Abbott's floating buoy barriers have the equivalent of buzz saws between them?

  • Oh, my.

  • The New York Times revealed last night that it had a copy, along with Special Counsel Jack Smith, of the actual memo which hatched the Fake Electors scheme to overthrow the election.

    • The author of the memo was not John Eastman but lawyer Kenneth Chesebro who is un-indicted co-conspirator #5.

    • The key takeaway is that the memo concedes the scheme was unconstitutional but hoped it could be used to stop the January 6th certification -- which is Counts 2 and 3 in the January 6th indictment, to-wit: Obstructing and impede a governmental proceeding. 
  • Sure it's hot and dry, but we haven't also had high winds. Until now. That's supposed to happen over the next few days which makes it a recipe for wild fires. 

  • This came out a couple of days ago, but the New York Post discovered the identify of the "That [person] is not real!" airplane ranter in the viral video. It's a lady from Lake Highlands in Dallas. I want to not like her, but she's slowly becoming one of my favorite people of all time.

  • Dude, you were inconvenienced for a few minutes. Cry me a river. 

  • The Ticket vs. Dan and Jake ramped up yesterday. I've never seen anything quite like this. 

  • Legal nerdy stuff: In a case that is weird in a number of ways, Dallas federal judge Brantley Starr has ordered three lawyers from Southwest Airlines to undergo "religious training" from the right wing group Alliance Defending Freedom (ADF).  And the judge quoted the book of Geneses in justifying his ruling.  This is where we are headed, folks. 

    • Tell me if this doesn't tell you all you need to know about the judge: Graduated from Abilene Christian, clerked for Judge Don Willett, is the nephew of Kenneth Starr, member of the Federalist Society, and appointed by Trump 

    • Here's a pretty good dive into the underlying case from a legal standpoint here
  • More legal nerdy stuff: The sweeping 2nd Amendment Bruen decision as now been used by the Ninth Circuit to legalize butterfly knives.

  • Private school Vanderbilt just hangs back and collects money in the SEC. Not a bad gig. They will start the season playing home game(s) in a high school stadium.  

  • SMU to the ACC