Random Monday Morning Thoughts

Remember this? As his final year began, there was a massive controversy because Johnny Football had allegedly made money for signing his autograph. Sounds almost quaint today. Relevant: A new Netflix documentary on Manziel has just been released, and it sounds pretty insane. 

  • A Northside hangout of many a Wise County resident, the Cadillac bar, burned on Saturday night. There are a ton of photos out there, but this is one of the first ones which was taken. 

  • Horse carnage near and far:
  • After being warned at his Arraignment regarding his conduct, Trump spent the weekend defying the judge's order. It will be very interesting to see if a no nonsense federal judge will put up with this.  Trump might actually end up in jail on a bond condition revocation -- anyone else would.  Regardless, I'd come down hard on him right not and not let this get normalized in the January 6th case. 
    • Threatens everyone.

    • Attacks judge.

    • Attacks prosecutor.

    • Attacks witness.

  • And Trump still has random yet nutty posts. How the Republican Party has just embraced conduct like this is insane to me. Are they trying to lose? The man is not OK. 

  • Abbott will sign the transgendered sports bill (a bill to solve a problem which doesn't exist) at TWU today. Choosing TWU is an interesting choice  -- it's public so they can't refuse him. He's looking for a protest just to get some press. 

  • Local radio news: The Ticket has sued Dan and Jake, citing a six month non-compete clause, for starting a podcast after the station let them go last month. (PDF of lawsuit). I note that the filing misspelled the local VP's name but he signed the verification anyway.

  • Other local radio news: WBAP has parted ways with afternoon host Rick Roberts -- a guy who sounded like a Nazi most of the time and never rebuked his many blatantly racist callers. ("Good call!" he would always say.)  Interestingly, in their new job posting, they don't want "another political talk show." What else is there on AM radio these days? 

  • Random Drudge Report featured headline: "How Dallas-Fort Worth became America's boomtown . . . "

  • College football is basically the only sport I follow these days, and the implosion of the PAC 12 on Friday was one of the most bonkers things I've ever seen. In the blink of an eye, Oregon and Washington fled to the Big 10 while Arizona, Arizona State and Utah defected to the Big 12.
    The Big 12 in 2024.

    This is really mind-blowing
    The Big 10 is really spread out. 

    • Maybe one of the greatest hires of all time was the Big 12 hiring the very aggressive and very shrewd Brett Yormark last year. What he has done is nothing short of amazing. And the PAC 12 commissioner, George Kliavkoff never saw it coming: 

  • Legal stuff: A panel of the Fifth Circuit went all progressive on Friday and stuck down Mississippi's law which bans people convicted of a felony from ever voting again.  (Prediction: The rest of the court will overturn this en banc.)

  • The brawl on the riverfront in Montgomery, Alabama is wild.  But it's important to watch the clip that started it all for context. 
  • Just got a tip on Decatur ISD political candidate financial filing. I'll have it tomorrow.