Random Wednesday Morning Thoughts

Still funny. And I'll be dang if he didn't end up being right about Baylor winning the Big 12. I presume he was also right about said hypothetical hooker. 

  • Oh, man. I crane caught fire this morning in Hudson Yards/Hell's Kitchen area in Manhattan and fell a long way. And a video caught it when it happened. Four injuries reported so far. 

  • The Federal Reserve is expected to announce today yet another interest rate increase. Honestly, I'm not sure I understand it at this point. You can say it has worked to curtail inflation, but wouldn't you start backing off by now? 

  • I was looking at this story to see if genealogical DNA was involved but . . . 

    • . . . the following caught me off guard a bit. Normally police agencies are a little more reserved with their language before someone has been actually convicted. 

  • This is the same scheme which Steve Bannon was convicted of but who was quickly pardoned by Trump before he left office.  They collected millions from people who wanted to donate to privately building The Wall and then pocketed the money. This guy got 63 months yesterday.

  • She should have been reprimanded. She was also unnecessarily dramatic and harsh towards the defense the entire trial. 

  • Things are going great for him.

  • Aggieland is having lots of political problems lately.

  • Oh no! Not at Camp LeJeune!  The Plaintiffs' bar will turn this in to a mass class action tort by week's end. (And by that I mean no offense.)

  • I was curious about whether the headline was really a bit dramatic, but there really was a late evening court stipulation (here) in the defamation trial against Rudy.  The only thing left to determine is damages.

  • My Bridgeport math tells me that averages out to $52.5 million a year.

  • Legal-in-the-weeds stuff: Hunter Biden's law firm might be in trouble for contacting the court and making a misrepresentation. Or not. Here's the judge's order and law firm's response. I think they'll be OK.