Random Tuesday Morning Thoughts

The month long mystery of who killed 6 year old Alanna Gallagher in Saginaw was solved with an arrest, and then we learned of a Decatur connection.

  • That sentence is probably fair.  He'll have to serve at least half of the 12 years before becoming eligible for parole. (Side note: The prosecutor actually asking for the maximum of life in prison from the jury was dumb. No one died. They lost all credibility when they did that.)

  • Israel moves very close to a Netanyahu headed autocracy as it throws aside the concept of having a judiciary being a check and balance.  Pay attention. We could be headed that way here.

    • The leading Israeli newspapers went with a dark front page to represent "democracy going dark."

  • The Justice Department followed through on its warning that it would sue Texas over the floating buoys.  There sure is a lot of time and expense going to be wasted on 1,000 feet of ineffective floating balls that cost at least $1 million in taxpayer money.

  • "Band camp" this time of year in Wise County seems like it would be a beating. You even use pretend instruments in the heat on the pavement to get started.  

  • Not enough.

  • Eight second YouTube video here

  • Oh, my.  

  • This is a weird story.  From what I can gather from it, the guy is arrested for DWI and a sample of his blood was taken.  Within 24 hours, the officer had left the blood in a breakroom refrigerator where other officers saw it.  Because of that, a supervisor made the decision to immediately kill the case, and have the defendant released from jail.  Trust me, cops don't work that quickly to kill a case just because evidence has been handled questionably.
    The headline is wrong. He was arrested. 

    Memorable photo from the second DWI.

  • I could have sworn that within the last year I've seen another video of a Texas Sheriff starring in, and producing and uploading, his own movie as he berates someone as he fires them -- someone who he hired at basically minimum wage. Story.

  • The Dallas Morning News has compiled a list of its most profitable companies in DFW. All those profit numbers are staggeringly high, but Exxon's is eye-popping. You guys remember those high gas prices caused by "inflation"? 

  • Whatever happened to the silly Michael Irvin defamation lawsuit against the Marriott worker?