Random Monday Morning Thoughts

Still one of the most shocking local celebrity deaths ever

  • But we had a death closer to home. Former Wise County deputy David Bosecker was shot and killed while responding to a domestic disturbance as a deputy in Eastland County. Awful. 

  • Probably not many of you are following the trial of the Mansfield kid who was just convicted for Attempted Capital Murder in Tarrant County, but here's an under-reportd tidbit.  Self-defense (which the judge didn't allow the jury to consider) was the the defense's trial strategy because of a fight the defendant and the victim got into before the shooting. But look at this: 

  • Texas will lose this. It will be a fitting end to a dumb idea. 

  • The bird symbol has suddenly disappeared from Twitter and replaced with an "X."  The main value of Twitter was it name and symbol recognition. And now Elon Musk as destroyed that, too. 

    • He's had a weird obsession with X. He wanted to rebrand PayPal to "X" before they kicked him out.  

  • Trouble in Aggieland.

  • This went down late Friday. The Supreme Court told Alabama legislature in a big ruling on June 7th that they had to redraw their gerrymandered lines. In response, Alabama just said no.  It's 1960s George Wallace all over again. 

  • Here's a video of a dog released on an unarmed black guy in Ohio with his hands up while a fellow trooper is yelling "Don't release the dog." 

  • I almost find it bizarre that every single person who went to see either movie just raved about how great it was. Not even the slightest bit of criticism by anyone.

    • Well, the above doesn't apply to the Ultra-MAGA Extremists who complain about it being "woke" (ugh.) These people are not well. (Yes, this is real.)

  • Weird stuff falling out of the sky this weekend:
  • The restoration of the Wise County Courthouse has it's own Facebook page with video updates that are pretty cool.  restoration