Random Wednesday Morning Thoughts

A horrible murder case out of Saginaw dominated metroplex headlines. An arrest would finally be made and the case would come to a conclusion the following years.


  • An "officer involved shooting" seems to happen all the time, but in Fort Worth last night officer(s) shot and killed two people last night after responding to a call. "FORT WORTH, Texas - Fort Worth police said officers shot and killed two men overnight while investigating a call about illegal fireworks activity. Chief Neil Noakes said a police officer and an arson investigator with the fire department spotted some kind of fight around 12:30 a.m. Wednesday in a neighborhood near Main Street and Long Avenue." A little weird.

  • Fort Worth PD has been busy because the night before three people were killed and eight injured in a shooting in the Como area which made national news. Here's a security video of everyone scrambling for cover. 

    • This lady sure was in front of the cameras a lot, and it struck me as odd. In less than 18 hours after he son died, she set up shop to watch the 4th of July parade on the spot where he son was killed. She gave TV interviews and her photo is on the front pages of both the Star-Telegram and Dallas Morning News today.

  • This is a pic out of Runaway Bay on Tuesday evening. "Two houses on fire in the 200 block of Lakeview Drive" after "a loud boom" was heard from a mile away. (Facebook is the source.)

  • Ken Paxton impeachment news:
    • I guess this is not surprising. 

    • This got buried before the holiday, and it is impeachable on its own. 

  • Trump didn't campaign yesterday but instead sat around posting on social media. In addition to an obscene one about President Biden, he posted this strange one. That's not patriotic, that his part of his "I will be your retribution" campaign. These are dangerous days. 

  • Meta, the parent of Facebook, will release a Twitter rival tomorrow. 

  • This certainly is an attention grabbing headline, but it's also interesting how the press found out about it: By listening to a police scanner. A transmission of “We have a yellow bar stating cocaine hydrochloride” by a DC firefighter went out over the airwaves after they were called due to a "suspicious package" being found. It's also just a "presumptive test" which are wrong all the time, but it still wouldn't surprise me if there hasn't been cocaine somewhere in the White House almost every day for decades.

  • This might have been one of the funnier (?) passenger meltdowns we've seen in a while. Language warning. And it was "purportedly" taken at DFW Airport on an American Airlines flight that was preparing to depart. Video

  • This is brutal.

  • BYU unveiled a photo of the Big 12 logos now being painted on its field after the school officially joined the conference on July 1st.  But there was a slight problem. 

  • I hate the hot dog eating contest.