Random Thursday Morning Thoughts

A red Ferrari vs. orange Lamborghini crash on I-30 back in the day.

  • Decatur has had an armed robbery. This actually happened on Monday but was amazingly off the radar until yesterday. Messenger story here. No paywall. 

  • Random weird arrests I noticed which were  made by Wise County deputies last night. Both are Class Cs which are normally just citations.

  • Lake Lewisville has had three drownings in three days, and there hasn't been a whole lot of news about it. Ages: 19, 19, and "man in 40s."
  • Oh, my.

  • Trump news:
    • He's losing it.  Did Hitler ever have these kind of rants? Seriously.  

    • He's going to get someone killed.  (Federal pleading in support of pre-trial detention here.) 

    • And attorney Lin Wood's fake elector scheme finally cost him his law license yesterday in lieu of disbarment. And he might get indicted by the time it is all over. And he should be. 

    • Speaking of fake electors and certification. In Iowa, Mike Pence had to defend himself, the basic concept of democracy, and reality to ultra-MAGA folks. The amount of damage that Trump's propaganda has done is unfathomable. Democracy remains on the brink. 

  • Do yourself a favor an google for the videos of the new Sphere in Vegas which is a concert venue adjacent to The Venetian. They are wild. U2 will do a residency there beginning this fall. Interested. 

  • The boy in a famous photograph is now a member of Cuba's Congress.

  • A cameraman got absolutely rocked by an errant throw in the the Orioles-Yankees game last night. Video

  • Messenger - Above the Fold