Random Monday Morning Thoughts

The fast moving "Yarnell Hill Fire" that trapped and killed 19 specialized firefighters.

  • Israel bombed the West Bank overnight. Eight dead. The song remains the same. 


  • Oh, man. Story published this morning. There's a nine second video in the story link that shows the crack expanding once the coaster goes by. 

  • Quick hits on the You-Don't-Have-To-Design-A-Wedding-Website-For-Gay-People Supreme Court case.
    • My legal analysis on the 6-3 decision:
    • The issue of "standing" is a strange one. This might be the first time I've seen where someone was allowed to sue the state because they were "worried" about the state taking action against them if they went into business and if, once they did, someone would ask them to do something they found offensive. The majority just glosses over it:
    • This case is sneaky weird. The would-be website designer said she would sell her skills, in a general sense, to same-sex couples, and the state mysteriously stipulated that fact to be true. So the issue was limited to whether the "compelled design" of same-sex wedding website, which she said she had religious objections to, violated her Free Speech rights. The dissent smoked that out with dripping sarcasm:
  • In other Supreme Court news, they agreed on Friday to hear a Fifth Circuit case that struck down a Texas law that disarms people who have been subjected to a domestic violence protective order. Who knows what they'll do.  
  • On the campaign trail: 
    • Watching Sen. Lindsey getting booed in his home state at a Trump rally on Saturday was something. And entertaining. 

    • This video is one of the strangest DeSantis ads you'll ever see as he tries to paint Trump as gay-friendly. It was released over the weekend. 

  • What a train wreck: "SAN FRANCISCO (AP) — Twitter owner Elon Musk has limited the number of tweets that users can view each day — restrictions he described as an attempt to prevent unauthorized scraping of potentially valuable data from the social media platform." (However, some think it's because he refused to pay a third party hosting bill to Amazon web services.)

    • And this comes on the heels of announcing you can no longer look at Twitter unless you have an account. 

  • Fox4Terry was on the job this weekend. "A North Dallas crash leaves a family badly shaken & 2 men seriously injured. This when the [man's] Viper crashed into the family's Camaro." Check out the license plate. 

  • The City of Southlake must have piles of cash laying around. 

  • Last week I mentioned the story about Brookshire's expanding into DFW and how great their store was in Bridgeport. Well, my bad. I learned there are actually two Brookshire chains and the one in Bridgeport is not the chain that was part of the Dallas Morning News story. 

    • I was tipped off once I looked the map accompanying the story which showed no store in Decatur.

  • This photo of the quarterbacks on the roster for the Longhorns was floating around this weekend. The guy on the left, Maalik Murphy, makes the others looks like kids. And he actually played better than Ewers or Manning in the spring game. 

  • As expected, Decatur's Bryce Elder was named to the All-Star game.

  • I fully support replacing fireworks shows with drone shows . . .