Random Wednesday Morning Thoughts

The trial about the shooting of Trayvon Martin got underway.

  • The new inmate in the Wise County Jail for murder that I mentioned yesterday was a juvenile who had previously been "arrested" for an alleged crime from March that we already new about. But he ended up on the jail roster, and his identity revealed, because he has just been certified by Judge Greg Lowery to stand trial as an adult. 
  • Dallas yesterday. Good grief.

    • Edit: There is an update. And the Dallas Morning News just posted a story on it 
  • This is quite the story. He'll be on the New York City Council representing part of Harlem.

  • Matt Krause, the godfather of the recent book banning craze in Texas by Ultra-MAGA extremists, and a guy who then went on to be a failed Tarrant County DA candidate, is thinking about running for Tarrant county commissioner.  Ever thought about the private sector, hoss?

  • Well, Trump has the black vote all sewn up with this missive. 

  • Jerry Jones real estate development in Prosper alone would be enough to make him a major player in DFW business. It's a 500 acre tract purchased a couple of years ago which now has a million feet of retail space and a 300 unit apartment complex. And this has nothing to do with the The Star in Frisco and all of its retail. That man has his thumb in a lot of pies. 

  • Supreme Court Nerdy Stuff: 
    • When the court granted cert last year to determine the viability of the fringe “independent state legislature” theory -- a doctrine that says states can do whatever they want when it comes to elections and the courts can't touch it -- everyone said the sky was falling. That went out with a whimper yesterday in a 6-3 vote when the court said the theory, for all practical purposes, didn't exist. And even the three dissenters didn't vote in favor of the doctrine, they dissented because they thought the court shouldn't have ruled on the issue at all because the case was moot due to its procedural posture.

    • Random SCOTUS thought: Yesterday the Supreme Court said that the constitution requires any state statute criminalizing "true threats" at least requires the prosecution to also require the defendant to be, at a minimum, at least "reckless" about understanding whether his words would be viewed as threatening violence. That is, no strict liability for words spoken -- kind of like defamation law. I used to say all the time that "constitutional law" is just making stuff up. And I still do.  Regardless of whether the decision is right or wrong, how do you get all of that from the very few words of: "Congress shall make no law . . . abridging the freedom of speech"?
  •  He was a baller at the University of Arkansas. I loved this play. Or this one.

  • Hope springs eternal.

  • The NCAA has wrapped up all sports for 2022-2023. Here are the national champions in every major sport. 

  • I mentioned Decatur's Bryce Elder yesterday, and he picked up another win last night. From wire reports: "As for Elder, he strengthened his All-Star bid by exiting with an NL-best 2.44 ERA."