Random Thursday Morning Thoughts

Ten years ago this week, the Obergefell same sex marriage decision was handed down by the Supreme Court. That was one of the last times we had the "running of the interns" -- the event where they had to physically rush the newly released printed opinion to their respect networks.  The court would shortly modernize its practice by releasing PDFs instantaneously. 

  • You probably seen it, but the Allen PD finally released the bodycam video of the (still unnamed) police officer who stopped the shooter in the outlaw mall mass shooting last May. It's really incredible. You need to watch the whole thing to feel it.  And, man, will you will feel it. 

    • This is my own poor map of what I believe to be the officer's path of travel on foot in the heart of the video. He runs past the mass of dead bodies (in the area of the red circle) while pursuing the shooter. He turns the corner and finally gets a shot at the gunmen who is now way down in the area of the green circle. That's a heck of a kill shot.

    • After watching the video, did anyone else think about the response in Uvalde?
  • An emailer pointed out to me that in a recent Rhome City Council meeting the mayor wholeheartedly declined to join in a council/police officer group photo in celebration of a promotion of one of the Rhome officers to the position at sergeant. The moment is around the 26:00 minute mark, and I've got it cued up here. That's a bit odd.

  • I've mentioned before that the Bruen gun rights case from last of year will eventually invalidate all sorts of current laws making gun possession illegal. Late yesterday we had a Mississippi federal district court use it to strike down a big one: The federal Felon in Possession law. Ruling. It will now go to the Trump constructed Fifth Circuit whose rulings bind Texas. 

    • Legal nerdy stuff. This judge was appointed by President Obama and is not conservative. The opinion is really pretty fun. It basically says Bruen threw out all past jurisprudence, created an unworkable mess, and this is a consequence of that mess. 
  • Most Texas prisons don't have air-conditioning. We are barbarians.

  • Don't do that.

  • We learned yesterday that Madonna was found unresponsive on Saturday. Her new world tour has been put on hold.

  • Madonna's camp's statement:

  • The Dallas Morning News has a story today on how Brookshire's is positioning itself to be the new HEB. That one in Bridgeport, which recently went through a renovation to keep everything fresh looking, is a pretty, pretty good little store.
    That's the CEO of Brookshire's if you 
    ever wondered what he looked like.

  • Legal nerdy in the weeds stuff: A while back I posted a lower court appellate opinion on a bail bond forfeiture case involving an archaic requirement of the bailiff, after a defendant has failed to show up for court, having to call out loud the defendant's name at the "courthouse door." In a Wichita Falls case, the name was called at the courtroom door instead of the courthouse door. The lower court said that wasn't sufficient.  Well, we have an update. The highest criminal court in the state got involved yesterday and said that what he bailiff did was good enough. (Side note: They normally rule that anything the prosecution or trial court's do is "good enough.")
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