Random Monday Morning Thoughts

Still wild. 

  • If you blinked, you missed a Russian coup against Putin over the weekend which left everyone confused. As I understand it, it would be like Blackwater declaring war against the U.S. Defense Secretary, begin marching towards D.C., shoot down some U.S. helicopters, and then the U.S. grant him asylum in Canada if he will call the whole thing off. And he did. From Saturday:

  • Deaths during recreation:
    • Story.

    • Out of Stephenville. 

  • We have the dumbest governor. Yesterday, thinking it was real, he posted a fake story written by a parody site about Garth Brooks. The name of the site should have tipped him off. 

  • City of Fort Worth got hit with a cyber attack. But it wasn't ransomware. The hackers are just posting the date they stole. 
  • You may remember the story below from earlier this year. On Friday, a Tarrant County juvenile judge in Friday refused the D.A.'s attempt to certify the shooter as an adult to be transferred to the adult system. 

  • A new NBC poll shows Trump with a stranglehold on the Republican Party. Darker red is April. Lighter red is now. Likely Republican primary voters.

  • In other Trump news:
    • The prosecutors want the Miami documents case trial to be pushed back to December 11th. 

    • On Saturday, Trump made a statement which, once again, will be played by the prosecution. He's going to convict himself. 

    • He's nuts

    • This Trump six second video of Trump gyrating and grunting at a different weekend event deserves to be in the hall of fame.   
  • There was an incident in San Antonio on Friday that caused three officers to be arrested that very same day for murder. It made the New York Times on Saturday. I'm not sure about this at all. (Free link.)

  • Sheesh.
  • Hey, look who got quoted by the great Bud Kennedy in the Star-Telegram on Saturday.

  • Legal nerdy stuff - civil: Can you rightfully bring a medical malpractice case in Texas for an "undesired pregnancy resulting in the birth of a normal, healthy child, caused by negligent performance of a sterilization procedure"? The Texas Supreme Court on Friday announced they will decide the issue.