Random Wednesday Morning Thoughts

Don't remember this event occurring to a Texas high school track team? There's a good reason. It turned out that the team's disqualification wasn't for "praising God" at all.  Even the kid's parents agreed after reviewing the videos that the gesture wasn't religious in nature.  

  • Did I forget to hit "publish" yesterday for two hours? Yes, I did. 
  • I was alerted that the name associated with the Decatur ISD Parents Unite PAC in governmental filings turned out to be the wife of a sitting board member.   That's the PAC that sent out the text message which caused the Superintendent to issue a strong retort. The PAC's Filer ID is 00087681.

  • The alleged mass murderer out of Cleveland, Texas was arrested late yesterday under a pile of laundry in a home in Cut and Shoot, Texas.  The AP reported this morning that his wife was also arrested.

  • An army of DPS Troopers cleared the capitol building yesterday during an anti-transgender "debate" on the House floor. 

  • Last week during a felony jury trial in Decatur, we had the occurrence of "The Great Toilet Incident of 2023" at the Wise County Don't-Call-It-An-Annex Courts Building.  The ensuing flood has prompted some reconstruction of the floors and walls of the structure which had its grand opening a couple of years ago. 

  • Sure, saying "That's not how men fight" implies other races do fight that way, but that's one of the least offensive things that Tucker Carlson has done compared to his regular on-air racist rants.

  • A 17 year old in a BMW almost took out an officer in Virginia on Monday. The video is wild. 

  • Collin Allred's challenge to Ted Cruz officially launched this morning. The election will be in November, 2024.  It seems like only yesterday that Cruz survived Beto's challenge, 50.9% to 48.3%.

  • Very nerdy legal stuff: A Texas criminal campaign law which caused a Collin County Commissioner candidate to get charged for sending out a text message while allegedly representing "that the communication emanates from a source other than its true source" was struck down by the Dallas Court of Criminal Appeals two days ago after a First Amendment challenge.