Random Thursday Morning Thoughts

Now that's a fun fact I threw out there in 2013.

  • Kudos to today's Messenger covering in detail the drama of the Decatur ISD elections. I won't released the details because they worked hard at it but, as a teaser, it does contain . . .

    • The names of contributors to the various PACs involved (with some names worthy of eyebrow raising). 
    • It also put the spotlight on the fringe group called Wise County Conservatives (which meets in a church and whose next meeting has an "expert" speaking on Texas seceding from the Union.) 

    • And the talk of the town, the controversial PAC called Decatur ISD Parents Unite is examined. It has yet to have its financial disclosure information appear on the State's web site. You can search for yourself here using Filer ID no. 00087681
  • And another. But I'll be dang if he wasn't caught this way: "Atlanta police said they received an alert that the vehicle's license plate was spotted on license plate-reading cameras near a facility close to the Atlanta Braves' ballpark."

  • ProPublica keeps releasing haymaker after haymaker about Justice Clarence Thomas and Harlan Crow and they just unloaded another one this morning: 

  • A guy who was "screaming in an aggressive manner" on the subway in New York was choked to death by a passenger and it was caught on video.  I don't know what I think about this. You don't need to die just for acting like a nut on a New York subway but, before I pass judgment, I would want to know every little fact about what led up to their physical interaction. There were a couple of guys helping and they sure seemed to be in full support of the restraining. Story with some of the video.

  • There has yet to be a verdict in the Proud Boys trial for their role in the Trump Insurrection but the jury seems to be a stickler for detail

  • The Insurrection arrests keep coming. This time for a guy who threw an explosive device.  And to think the presumptive Republican presidential nominee continues to support these people and the attempted overthrow of the U.S. Government on January 6th.  It's absolutely as bonkers as the lead up to 1933 Hitler-led Germany. 

  • We've got a great new Tucker Carlson video of his comments after his show had ended about how his deposition with Dominion that day went. 

  • Epstein Islands have been sold for $60 million.

  • A pioneer in weight loss is going away

  • Jenna Ryan, The Little Ball of Insurrection™ and DFW realtor who took a private jet to the Trump Insurrection and ended up in federal prison for a few days because of it, made a desperate plea yesterday to raise money because, for some silly reason, she is suing PayPal. 

  • Here's more proof of my long-time investment tip of "there's money in warehouses."  In this case, we are going to the next step with a group who already took that advice and now is flipping three-fully leased warehouses which totals 485,000 square feet. No price was released. 

  • Sports: The numbers for those who have used the transfer portal to leave a college football program.

  • Messenger: Above the Fold