Random Thursday Morning Thoughts

Just an excerpt from the Supreme Court when it refused to hear a criminal case, now already lost to history, out of Texas. 

  • Weather alert warning: Keep your head on a swivel today. The cool front will hit straight up at noon, with the weather turning bad around 2:00 p.m.  It should start with one big downpour but, regardless, it'll be very dicey for the next 12 hours after that.  And this is also a tricky forecast. 
  • If you haven't seen it, here's the video of the fire and the explosion (a few seconds after this still shot) in Buffalo yesterday.

  • So the former police chief of the City of Dallas and the current police chief of the City of Chicago quits to become the "chief operating officer" of a personal injury law firm in Dallas? Weird.

    • And the law firm he is joining has a named partner who just happens to be Dallas County Judge Clay Jenkins?

    • And the rabbit trail continues: The "Loncar" in the name, I think, is Brian Loncar who used to do a ton of commercials until he was found dead of a cocaine overdose in his Rolls-Royce.

    • And now I see that one of the lawyers in the firm is Boyd Ritchie who is, of all things, the former District Attorney over in Graham.
  • This news story out of Wichita Falls is not near as interesting as the reminder that the people up their actually elected a guy named David Duke as their Sheriff. 

  • Let me tell ya, the video is, uh, something.

    • This is the same guy who is promoting the Ultra-MAGA takeover of the Northwest ISD school board. 

  • This was out of Lake Worth. What a weird thing to steal. I wouldn't think that wouldn't turn much of a profit on the street, but maybe I'm wrong. Lake Worth PD Chief (and Bridgeport's own) Chief J.T. Manoushagian is expected to make an announcement about it today or tomorrow. He does a good job in front of the camera, and he sure does get a lot of camera time. 

  • This kind of put the Baptists in a tough spot. Once the price was fair, how could they not accept it? They couldn't very well say they didn't want a bunch of former homeless people living by the campus. 

  • I don't want to watch that, and I'm not going to watch that. 

  • Attorney General Merrick Garland, who might be the most mild mannered guy in Washington, was grilled by Republicans yesterday in a dog and pony show hearing. And, yes, one of the Senators posted the following. We are fully entering the Idiocracy stage of America. 

    • And yes, Josh Hawley was one of the lead Insurrectionists. 

  • There is an "interesting" case going on in Waco where a day care worker is alleged to have killed the 4 month old granddaughter of the McLennan County [Administrative] Judge by giving the child Benadryl.  The worker is being defended by the same firm which represents the mother of Athena Strand as plaintiff in the civil lawsuit in Wise County against Federal Express.

  • Fun fact I'm not sure I knew:  “Biannual” means occurring twice in one year, and “biennial” means happening once every two years. 
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