Random Tuesday Morning Thoughts

The hospital in Bridgeport didn't survive the CPR attempts.

  • The accused killer of Athena Strand is scheduled for an in-person court appearance. I think it will go off as planned.

  • Like a lot of folks on Sunday, I saw this report, originally in the Wall Street Journal, about the COVID lab leak. But I completely ignored it because it made my head hurt.  For the life of me, I don't know how you can say something "probably" happened but then say you have a "low confidence" in your finding. It wouldn't be much different than a jury saying they found a defendant guilty "beyond a reasonable doubt" but adding that they had some "serious questions" about the verdict. (Disclosure: I have no idea if it was an accidental lab leak or not.)

  • Oral arguments are today. Easy prediction: The Supreme Court will kill the order with their decision in May or June.

  • With a big data breach, the $300,000 Man continues to do a heck of a job running DPS.

  • Wichita Falls legal news, and here's the judgment of suspension:

  • I think I've got a new favorite Trump Seditionist who was just arrested.  Lock him up, too. Even if he does like bits. 

  • This is going to be such a train-wreck. (But what's Abbott even doing in that list at 2%?) 

  • MTG just won't give up her desire for a "national divorce." But she says she doesn't mean a civil war because there will still be travel between, you know, the Union and the Confederacy. Video.

  • Has the Dilbert guy always been a nut?

  • Hadn't considered the going rate for the Tooth Fairy in a while:

  • I've mentioned before the case which is featured on the front page of the Star-Telegram (paywall), but the trial is going to be wild. A well known veterinarian was allegedly killed by being head butted several times by his son-in-law in Woody's Tavern after they argued about a pending divorce. And there's a video of it all which has not yet been released.