Random Monday Morning Thoughts

Dennis Rodman showing up inside North Korea after they were conducting their first nuclear tests is still weird. 

  • That's dust in the air this morning. 

  • From crazy dust storms in west Texas, to high winds here, to snow on Ventura Beach, to rains causing flooding and RVs to become afloat, there's been some wild weather. Video

  • sbrutal beating of teacher
  • I expected the lawsuit surrounding the Lake Worth drunk driver death which was back in the news again last week, but I just didn't expect General Motors to be one of the named defendants. 

  • Wise County made the Daily Mail, but not in a good way.

  • One crazy narrative about the East Palestine train wreck was that there was no national coverage (there was) because it was in "Trump country", and the dirty liberal media didn't care about them. But it may very well be because 24 hour coverage wasn't warranted because there's yet to be any proof of any water or air contamination that serves as a threat to the residents.  But one of the great ironies is that a town, which overwhelming supports deregulations and tort reform, are now flocking to try and get free money. 

  • The Dilbert author, who has flirted with hot opinions for years, has been dropped by every single paper and his syndicator after he decided to go on a racist rant on his podcast.  It should have been dropped years ago for simply being a bad cartoon. 

  • Here's a profile of the Trump appointed federal judge in Amarillo who almost certainly will outlaw an abortion pill(s) this week after it has been safely used with FDA approval for over 20 years.

  • The Alabama player who supplied, perhaps unknowingly, a handgun that was used in a murder was introduced in the starting lineup this weekend to a roaring crowd. And he thought it would be a good idea to have a teammate mockingly "pat him down." Video

  • This is bugging me. 

  • Jason Kidd after the Mavs blow a 27 point lead yesterday: "I'm not the savior here... I'm watching, I'm not playing, I'm watching just like you guys."

  • Colorful trees always seem to bloom around March 10th every year. With the rain and warm weather this week, they'll come early.