Random Monday Morning Thoughts

I consider that to be a prediction of the acquittal which eventually happened.  (I had to look up exactly who I was talking about, and it turned out to be a special prosecutor appointed by the governor. The local prosecutor, who had originally filed the case and obtained the indictment, abruptly recused himself because he wanted to "tone down the rhetoric."  He must have seen the acquittal coming, too, and decided to jump ship.)

  • Oh, my. (From Friday.)


  • From all the rumblings this morning, this might just happen. I'll still be surprised, but some people are saying it's a done deal.   

  • The testimony of Marjorie Taylor Greene was unproductive on Friday because the lawyer cross-examining her didn't know what he was doing. She would give speeches instead of answering the question, and then the lawyer took it upon himself to admonish her. That's not the way do it. You get the judge involved. Cut her off and object as nonresponsive the second she begins to ramble. Then the judge will shut her up and instruct her to answer only the question. If she does it again, then it is the judge, who is now invested in it, who will get pissed off that she ignored his instructions.

  • Congressman Madison Cawthorn, who got in trouble with leadership about his drugs and orgies comment, had to explain these photographs of him wearing lingerie. He said they were just "goofy vacation photos." 

  • That was some ripping off of a lot of hard working employees by a BBQ place in Roanoke.

  • Here's another example from Friday of DPS serving as a campaign pawn for Gov. Abbott.  The $300,000 man was by his side. 

  • Keep an eye on the "illegal drugs" aspect of the case.  DPS is dedicated to promoting Abbott's "Operation Lone Star" and to claim that drugs were involved in this story, even if that isn't true, serves that narrative. Hey, maybe it's true, maybe it's not, but DPS' credibility when it comes to the border is now an issue. (The Rangers are part of DPS and were just called out for jumping to a conclusion in the foster home abuse case that also served the governor's purpose.) 


  • I bet they recommend clemency be granted. Today we will find out.  

  • Legal nerdy stuff #1: The Fort Worth Court of Appeals reversed a case last Thursday because the Young County Sheriff's Office "misplaced" a laptop of the defendant in a sexual abuse case and didn't figure it out until the second day of trial. Then the DA's office refused to turn it over to the defense despite the judge's order. It sounds like a cluster. 
    • Here is something strange about the case: Because of COVID, appellate courts have had a lot of time on their hands. That is, because of the lack of  trials in 2020 to 2021, there were few appeals.  Despite this, for some unexplained reason the Fort Worth court had retired judge Lee Ann Dauphinot assigned to this case who ended up authoring the opinion. Why?  Does this have anything to do with the fact they would be reversing the conviction of an alleged child sex offender and none of the sitting judges wanted to be the author?  Have things gotten that bad politically? 
  • Legal nerdy stuff #2:  I was curious why what looked like an Intoxication Manslaughter case in Wichita Falls was being tried as a Murder case. I got my answer, and I should have figured it out. Since there was someone under 15 in the car while the lady was committing DWI, she was committing a felony (a State Jail Felony of DWI With Child < 15 years old) before the car wreck. Once someone died in that wreck while she was committing that particular felony, however, they were able to charge her with Murder under the Felony-Murder Rule. That law allows even unintended deaths to classified as murder if they occur during the commission of a felony and if the death were the result of "an act clearly dangerous to human life." She was convicted of murder as charged on Friday despite the defense asking for a lesser Intoxication Manslaughter conviction.

  • Well look what topic CBS Sunday Morning had yesterday. (For those new around here, I mentioned a few years back that the richest guy I know told me that this was how he was making money. Since then, they seem to have exploded.): 

  • OU Spring game. Where's Waldo?:

  • Former TCU coach Gary Patterson at UT's Spring game. That seems so strange. 

  • I told you it would turn into a bunch of SuperPACs.

  • I just have a gift, I guess. #SportsGenius. From Friday: