Random Thursday Morning Thoughts

That's relevant because the NFL draft is tonight. And the collective bargaining agreement is still being felt. Sam Bradford's deal in 2010 is still better than that of last year's #1 pick, Trevor Lawrence, who got a four-year deal worth $36.8 million, with $24.1 million guaranteed

  • The moment of an actual prisoner exchange is pretty cool. But you would think that released American Trevor Reed, who looked malnourished due to his hunger strike a few weeks back, wouldn't have to carry his own bag. 

  • I may have mentioned this once before. When I was fresh out of law school and working for a big firm, I had to cover a deposition that was being taken at Ira Tobolowsky's office in Highland Park.  I had never met the man, but after it was over he looked at me asked, "Hey can you give me a ride?" Being confused since I figured he had a car somewhere, I asked him where he needed to go, and he replied, "To the Mansion. I've got to meet my wife for dinner."  I agreed and drove the man to the high tone hotel. That's the last time I ever saw him. 

  • I heard Steven's Street Grill in Bridgeport has shut down. 
  • I kind of like this Bridgeport vs. Decatur competition. Bridgeport has a three day win streak in early voting. It was 129 to 123 on Day 3. 

  • I forgot to mention this yesterday: On Monday, the retrial of allege Dallas serial-killer-of-the-elderly, Billy Chemirmir, began but with a hitch. The first trial ended when one renegade juror held out and refused to convict. The victims' families were beside themselves back then.  So what do you think they felt on Monday when one of the jurors for the retrial, who had been earlier selected and told to report that morning, was no where to be found?  The judge had to send a deputy to find him and brought him to the courtroom after lunch. His excuse: "I forgot." 

  • Elon Musk was using Twitter last night. Yes, this is real

  • I'm a little surprised things like this don't happen more often. The stress can be unbearable. 

  • I remember this case because it first made news when police raided a residential home at 12405 Yellow Wood Drive in North Fort Worth. 

  • Something I didn't expect to see: Decatur lawyer and former governor candidate Paul Belew promoting hot dogs on WFAA.

  • The Baylor student paper continues to surprise. 

  • In looking at a map of the city limits of Decatur and the line of its "extra-territorial jurisdiction", I noticed that the land the Wise County Sheriff's Office is oddly cut out of the city limits but in its extra-territorial jurisdiction instead.  The county courthouse, however, is not cut out at all. I have no idea why, nor do I know what any of that means.  

  • This story is a big bag of nothing. From my estimation (and I looked pretty hard into this once), those the three donated machines will probably cost $75 to $100 a month in electricity to run (including air conditioning costs but excluding the cost of a dedicated office space) with the amount of bitcoin mined fluctuating greatly between $0 and $120 per month. It's a six month project. 

  • College football is so wild these days. I just watch Gerry Bohanon, who led Baylor to a 12-2 record and a Sugar Bowl win last year, last Saturday in Baylor's Spring Game and then, three days later, he's gone. (His backup is better, however, and credit to Baylor's coach for making the decision right now instead of waiting until the Fall. That gave Bohanon a chance to enter the transfer portal which has a deadline of May 1st.)

  • Holy cow, there is a database of the salaries of school employees in Texas. Here's Decatur ISD. (Credit to a faithful reader for the link.) I think there is a limited number of free searches until you have to pay.