Random Tuesday Morning Thoughts

Movie thoughts as 2012 came to a close.

  • If  you've got a friend or co-worker flying on Southwest yesterday, they probably aren't where they planned to be right now. This is truly fiasco:  Around 70% of all of its flights were canceled on Monday and it won't stop today or this week.   This has to be the result of some type of internal labor issue. 

  • It was an epic storm in the Buffalo area. The blizzard lasted 37 hours. 


  • There are some strange new charges appearing on the Tanner Horner entry on the Wise County Sheriff's Office jail roster. We knew about three new "Sexual Assault Child" charges out of Tarrant County, but there are now three new specifically worded charges of statutory rape of a child under 17. This tells me the alleged victim was between the of ages 14 through 16, inclusive. If they were younger than 14, the charge would be called Aggravated Sexual Assault so these charges aren't related to the Wise County abduction and murder.  (Oddly, one of the those three "Sexual Assault Child" charges out of Tarrant County has disappeared.  )

  • The Wise County official government website, at least the portion for court and jail data, was wonky over the last three days. I think a security certificate has expired (below). Depending on your browser, you won't be able to get to it without tweaking the settings.

  • Sad news out of Aggieland. And these lines just hurt: "Hoang's family said they were on their way to College Station to attend his graduation the weekend he went missing . . . .  They were supposed to meet him for lunch, but never did. Texas A&M University said Hoang was not qualified to graduate, Fox 26 reported." It would have been Ok. It would have been Ok. 

  • As everyone expected, the judge threw out crazy Kari Lake's election challenge. She responded as you would expect. These election-denying people are lunatics. 

  • A Christmas presentation in four acts.
    • Act I:

    • Act II:

    • Act III:

    • Act IV:

  • Let's check in presidential Christmas messages. 

  • Good lord.

  • Random photo from Texas Monthly's photos of the year. Boats converge at "party cove" on Lady Bird Lake on May 7, 2022. I'd be so worried about my boat once the slightest of wakes came along.

  • Nothing says Christmas like your pastor celebrating the Lord's birth by being on Fox and Friends on Sunday and Christmas morn before dawn. 
  • That is a great photo. The way the guy just looks into the camera. The two women beside him who are about to realize there might be something unusual about their row mate. Here is his Wikipedia entry.

  • The George Santos story of lies is really is amazing. The recently elected New York Congressman didn't work for Goldman-Sachs, didn't graduate from college and also lied about his religion.  And we now have this great all-time line: “I never claimed to be Jewish,” Santos said. “I am Catholic. Because I learned my maternal family had a Jewish background I said I was ‘Jew-ish.'”