Random Thursday Morning Thoughts

Do you remember we had an actual White Christmas in 2012? The forecast issued the night before (above) actually came true. I should have posted this on Monday.

  • Southwest's troubles continue this morning.

    • But a local radio talk show host was able to make it out to Phoenix for this weekend's TCU/Michigan game. (Cue the orchestra music.)

  • If people want to get all up in arms over the lying Congressman, I'm right there with them But I think it's a bad look for a D.A.'s office to go looking for crime in reaction to sensational headlines.

  • I'll say it: He was unnecessarily mean and a bully.

  • A sentencing hearing before a Tarrant County judge in an Intoxication Manslaughter case was held yesterday after the defendant pled guilty and waived a jury. It sounds like a heart-breaking case with the victim being an assistant dean at TCU.   The sentence was seven years

  • DFW radio ratings were just released, including the results of the new sports station "The Freak" (I still hate that name.)
  • This is going in at Alliance Center at I-35 and North Tarrant Parkway. It seems like only yesterday where that whole area was just pastures. 

  • Very random thing I noticed that no one cares about but me: A brief split second of a local commercial for the Dallas Symphony Orchestra showed a guy who reminded me of Will Bailey from The West Wing

  • Come again? (Here's the Petition.) The replies to the tweet remind me of what a bloodthirsty country we are. 

  • Bowl quick hits: 
    • Good win for Tech over Ole Miss, 42-25.  Ole Miss went 2-for-7 on fourth-down attempts, and had five turnovers. They entered the game as a 4.5 point favorite. 

    • A touchdown reception in overtime in the wild Kansas/Arkansas game was obscured last night by a pig and/or demon. 

    • Based upon amount of advertising I'm seeing for Cotton Bowl tickets, I don't think they've sold many to the USC/Tulane game. And that makes sense. SeatGeek has a mountain of tickets for sale for . . . $5. 
    • The Evil Empire plays in the Alamo Bowl tonight (ESPN at 8:00) at the same time as the Cowboys play (Fox/Amazon at 7:15). I bet they've never been on TV simultaneously before.