Random Tuesday Morning Thoughts

I still think about this.  It would be at the bottom of the Update and read something like "Admitted: Henry Potter, Mary Bailey, and John McClane. Released: Frank Erwin, Lisa Miller, Baby boy Miller." If you just happened to have the same name as someone on the list, you fielded calls all day from people making sure you were OK. This practice ended sometime in the 1990s, I think. 

  • Athena Strand random bullet points:
    • Still haven't seen the probable cause affidavit surface yet. (It's public record under art. 15.26 of the Texas Code of Criminal Procedure if you can find it.)
    • Quick twitter video from the remembrance at the courthouse last night. 

    • Messenger's story and their photo:

    • WFAA's coverage from last night of courthouse memorial with video. 

    • Fox 4 coverage of community response yesterday. (On Youtube.)

    • Courthouse square in Decatur.

    • Oklahoma news coverage. We'll let them claim her, too. 

  • If I have my facts correct, a trial will begin today in the District Court in Decatur which was indicted in March of 1996.
  • A former Rhome officer, and the subject of the story below in 2017 when he worked in Montague County, was recently booked into the Wise County jail. (You'll have to type in the booking number 108387.)

  • Kind of legal nerdy stuff. The case below involved the guy who assaulted the woman in Deep Ellum, and it was caught on video. The footage made me cringe. He landed some vicious blows.
    • The guy caught a big break yesterday because the jury found him guilty of misdemeanor assault instead of aggravated assault because they decided he didn't use or exhibit a deadly weapon -- even though he was holding a pistol
    • What is really unusual is the guy being indicted on, and being found guilty of, "Obstruction", a third degree felony. That charge in incredibly rare.  Heck, I had to look it up. A prosecutor can get there if a person commits an illegal act against a person and causes "harm" (the assault) if the actor knows the person intends to report the occurrence of a crime. She was trying to call 911 before the assault but he slapped the phone out of her hand, but I'm not sure what "crime" she was going to report. 

  • Electra woman going hard but at least she wore a hazmat uniform. 

  • Justice Alito proved he is a very weird guy yesterday at oral arguments. (Audio of below). He also joked about Justice Kagan being familiar with AshleyMadison.com - a dating site for married people seeking an affair. (Audio).

  • A new Texas Monthly article looks interesting. 

  • Not bad for a one shop operation opened up by the campus of TCU in 2001.

  • Another reason to hate lawyers. This is the Christmas bonus list fpr associates (not partners) ant the law firm of Baker Botts. "Deem date" is basically "hiring date."

  • College bowl lines.

  • I absolutely hate the transfer portal, but I think it is only fair to the players that it exists.