Random Monday Morning Thoughts

"Nose tackle Josh Brent was arrested early Saturday morning for intoxication manslaughter following the death of a teammate. Brent, 24, was identified as the driver in a car crash that killed Cowboys practice squad linebacker Jerry Brown, 25. Brent was arrested for driving while intoxicated after failing field sobriety tests."

  • I've been heavily involved in the criminal justice system in Wise County since 1993. I was born here decades before that. I know every single criminal case which has come down the pipe. The abduction and murder of Athena Strand is hands down the most shocking incident I can remember. 
    • Assuming the reports are true*, I can't get over how a person with no criminal record, in the the middle of the shift of his job no less, abducted and killed a young girl from where you would think would be one of the safest places in the world: Rural Cottondale.  How does any parent -- or anyone, for god's sake -- not keep their head on a swivel even more than it already is in this world? (*I'm not saying they are.)
    • I bet I've said, "I can't believe it" a hundred times this weekend. 
    • How in the world do they handle all of this at Paradise Elementary today?
    • Coverage of the crime has now gone national. Hell, it should. The New York Times link is here - free.

    • The Star-Telegram, despite having go deal with a worker's strike, is doing yeoman's work in covering the case. Below is their report from Sunday which should be readable if enlarged. If not, a PDF of the entire page is here.  (I suspect the paper will cut me a break. Subscribe to the Star-Telegram here. I do.)

    • There's a probable cause affidavit, used to obtain the arrest warrant, which will have a lot of details about the case which we don't currently know. It's a public record and should be released today. 
    • The Star-Telegram had this nugget

    • Community response. 

    • Fox 4 coverage was good

    • The Lake Worth Police Chief, and Bridgeport's own, wanted everyone to know that the accused killer was not from Lake Worth.

  • Alvord had a tragedy as well. Reports are that the freshman died as a result of a hunting accident.

  • Moving on after all that (if we can ever move on) . . . 
  • This was a wild story.

  • He is saying it out loud. Donald Trump announced over the weekend that he wishes to "terminate" the Constitution and be installed as President. Read that again.  It's so mind-blowing that it is hard to comprehend. We are witnessing an open revolution right before our eyes.  And he says this less than a week after his Oath Keeper supporter was convicted of  Seditious Conspirator and he shared Thanksgiving dinner with Holocaust deniers. Still think I'm crazy when I say were living in 1930s Germany?  

    • God bless her. 

    • Oh, in light of Seditious Conspiracy conviction, I forgot to remind everyone last week that the Oath Keepers were sending texts about our own Ronny Jackson during the January 6th Insurrection. And what was this "critical data"?

  • The Decatur Eagles are going to the semis. But they are getting ripped off in the venue in that its not Jerry World or at least The Star in Frisco. By the way, everyone talks about the Eagles running back, but their QB is a baller. 

  • TCU, a small private school, is the first Texas team to ever be in the four team playoff.  They open as an 9.5 point underdog to Michigan. 
  • The University of Colorado hiring Deion is a dicey, dicey proposition. Although it's hard to imagine how it could get any worse there.  The Buffaloes first game will be on September 2, 2023 at TCU.   

  • I'm not sure if it is justified because I'm not smart enough to know, but I've never seen so many very smart people freak out with glee and astonishment over the unveiling late last week of the artificial intelligence that is ChatGPT. Google it. And then try it. (The nerds are freaking out because it fixes and writes computer code. I've seen lawyers freak out because it can write detailed contracts based upon details you give it.)